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Kiev metro

The Capital Kiev Metro is one of the most beautiful in Europe. It is the fastest kind of transport. For example, you can get from the final station to the center in 10-15 minutes. Each of the metro stations has its own special features. The Kyiv metro consists of the three lines :

  1. Svyatoshino-Brovarskaya
  2. Kurenyovsko-Krasnoarmeyskaya
  3. Syretsko-Pecherskaya

The Kiev metro is mostly run underground and only partially overland ( from "Lesnaya" to "Dnepr" stations in "Svyatoshino-Brovarskaya" line ). Each station has a scheme-board of the lines that enables you to orientate. If you get lost, address the assistant station-master, a militsia officer in the station or just a passenger , and you will be given the right direction. Its downtime is from 5:30 until 24:00, the approximate interval between the trains : in rush hours ( 8:00-9:30 and 17:00-18:30 ) - 1-2 minutes, in the day time - 5 minutes. After 22:00 you may wait for a train on the platform for 15-20 minutes.

Tariff for a Kiev metro trip is 50 kopeks, irrespective of that how many stations you want to go and how many lines you want to change. From a cash-desk or a counter-machine a passenger buys a counter. Children under 7 can go free of charge. If you use the metro daily, you may buy a ticket for a month time at a price of 25 Hryvnias. Pay attention that the ticket- card has a magnet line and, in order not to spoil it, don't place it near metal or magnet things. Since the 15 day of month the half price sale of the month tickets for the current month is conducted. If you go with a bulky luggage, you should buy an additional ticket. There are number of goods prohibited to be taken in the Kiev Metro ( things that are uncomfortable or dangerous for the passengers ). There are also some other rules, like you are expected to let seats for disabled and elderly people, and for people with small children. In the vestibules and passages of the Kiev Metro various shops and stands work. Here you can buy a newspaper, a bunch of flowers and a greeting card, to exchange the battery in your wrist-watch, and so on. Though the Metro is considered to be the most criminally safe transport, do not forget to keep an eye on your things. If you want to get to agency "A Foreign Affair" by metro, you should know that it is situated on the metro station "Palats Sporta".


The funicular ( cable car ) was built in 1905 and until now it offers quick, exciting, and inexpensive ride from Podil ( Lower City ) up to Mykhailivska Ploscha ( Upper City ). The downtime is 6:30 to 23:00. The cost is 50 kopeks per ride. Children under 7 can have a free ride.


Private cars and taxis swarm city's streets. To get a car, you can simply put out your hand, and a car will stop. Private cars , the cars driven by locals who sometimes act as taxi drivers, cost significantly less than official taxis. Most drivers do not speak English. Agree on a price beforehand. One can order the car by phone and ask the price of the journey. It is also possible to discuss the price with the dispatcher. Not all cars are equipped with the counter, the price of the journey is paid by the number of kilometers ( 1 kilometer - approximately $0,18 ). But it is more convenient to discuss the price in advance. There are also some differences in the work of firms: some want to be paid for giving of the car ordered by phone, for journeys and baggage; others - only for distance. And some of them are paid according to fixed tariffs, counting the price based on the distance. But practically all drivers will take into account if you will late on more than 5-10 minutes or if the driver should wait for you near the shop, for example. If you plan a long journey round the city but plan to visit some places and the car will wait for you it is better to order the taxi with hourly payment paying hour of driver work and not kilometers plus time of waiting. For the journey out of the city the driver will ask double price. The payment is made only in cash. Not every driver will give you the ticket so precise in advance if you need it. The drivers waiting for the clients near nightclubs, casinos, and hotels often fix the prices as they wish. So, it is better to order the car by phone. For the journey to the Borispol airport many firms have fixed prices : from the center of the city the price is $12-15. Many firms offer the service known as "autopilot" or "driver". If you in your own car and did not refuse the alcohol drinks the driver can get you home in your car. It will cost $10 on average.

Taxi services:       058
Avtosvit        234 4444
Delta       238 8284
Imperial       252 9696
Radio-taxi       249 6249
Ukrprominvest       574 0574


This is a cheap and good way to travel around the city, but it is mostly crowded and slow. You can purchase tickets at a price of 50 kopeks at bus stops or from a controller on the trolley or bus. The monthly passes are also available at a price of 17 Grivnyas per month. If you do not punch your ticket and caught, you will be charged a 10 Gr. fine.

There are also private minibus companies that serve practically the same routes and will offer you a faster and a more comfortable ride. The price per ride varies from 50 kopeks to 1,50 gryvnyas. These buses are quicker than "big" transport and stop in addition to the stops on request of the passengers.

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