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Must See Dating Destinations in Kiev Ukraine

A photo of St. Andrew’s Church in Kiev Ukraine
Discover some of the best dating destinations in Kiev Ukraine.

Located in Eastern Europe, the beautiful city of Kiev Ukraine is enough to take your breath away.

Like its neighboring countries, Ukraine is home to a great number of magnificent destinations that every loving couple should visit. This is especially a must when you’re dating a Ukrainian woman.

As you explore Kiev, you can look forward to learning more about its history and how the city came to be. One thing’s for sure, life in Ukraine today is very much different from not so long ago.

Also, dating in Ukraine is more than just going to fancy restaurants and eating delicious food. You should also strive to learn more about Ukrainian culture, appreciate the beauty of Ukraine architecture, and spend quality time visiting some of the most popular destinations in the country.

In learning about these things, you may have better chances at making a good impression on Ukrainian ladies - that is if you aren’t already dating one.

As a matter of fact, there are several online dating services that offer you a tour package that includes exploring the city of Kiev Ukraine, with the company of beautiful Ukrainian women. Either way, it will surely make your experience a very memorable and worthwhile one.

However, if you’re looking for a guide that will take you to some of the best places in Kiev Ukraine, below is a list of the top ten must-see destinations that are also ideal for any romantic date with a Ukrainian woman:

1. St. Andrew’s Church

Designed by an Italian architect named Bartolomeo Rastrelli, St. Andrew’s Church, unlike all other Baroque churches, has no bells.

The reason for this is that according to legend, the noise that the bells make would cause flooding in the left part of the city. The church features beautiful green domes and a golden staircase that leads to the church doors.

Couples will be left in awe as they appreciate the fine details of the church and its surrounding area, while at the same time learning about its great history.

2. St. Sophia’s Cathedral

This is one of Kiev’s best known landmarks.

The magnificent monument is the first heritage site in Ukraine to have been inscribed on the World Heritage List. Like most cathedrals, the church has a bell that is housed in the cathedral complex.

When you look at the cathedral, you might think that it is a set of individual dome towers compressed together, but in reality, it is one giant structure.

It does, however, have supporting structures such as the Metropolitan House.

3. The Golden Gate

This was the main gate in the fortifications of Kiev Ukraine, built in the 11th century.

The structure was dismantled in the Middle Ages, leaving only a few remnants of its existence. In 1982, Soviet authorities rebuilt it. The move was covered in controversy as there was no surviving image of the original gate to make reconstruction possible.

There were many competing reconstructions of what the original gate might have looked like. The gate is an iconic structure that couples can visit as they learn more about Kiev's history.

4. Andriivs’kyi Descent

The descent is a historic street that connects Kiev’s Upper Town neighborhood and the Podil neighborhood. The street is made entirely of cobblestone, which was common during the time of its construction.

Cobblestone replaced old dirt roads as it gave horses and carriages more traction, even on uneven surfaces such as that of the Andriivs’kyi descent. The picturesque and historical street is a popular attraction for lovers and single visitors alike.

5. Gorodetsky House

The Gorodetsky House is a beautiful structure that is located in the Lypky neighborhood in Kiev Ukraine. It features animal sculptures on the roof and its facade.

Since 2005, the building has been used as the Presidential residence for official ceremonies. Its magnificent beauty is truly a must-see for visiting couples where they can stroll and have a peaceful time together.

6. The Ukrainian State Museum of the Great Patriotic War

This memorial complex is a National Museum that commemorates the German-Soviet War. It is located in the Pechersk district of Kiev.

Surrounding the museum is a picturesque landscape that features the Dnipro river. The area is a popular dating destination considering the beauty of the place.

7. Hydropark

This recreational park is a popular beach destination that features water activities, such as boating and other water attractions.

The beach lies along the bank of the Dniper river. It is a great dating destination given its many fun activities that couples can participate in, some of which include boat and catamaran rides, tennis, football, and paintball.

It also features an open-air gym, and of course, restaurants.

8. Independence Square

The famous Independence Square is also called Maidan Nezalezhnosti. It is located in the Shevchenko Raion.

The square has been traditionally used for rallies and other political assemblies. When not used for rallies, the Square is the perfect place for a date with your Ukranian woman.

Not only will you enjoy the bustling metropolis, but you will also appreciate the awe-inspiring architecture that surrounds it.

9. Khreschatyk Street

This popular tourist attraction in Kiev Ukraine stretches for more than 1.2 kilometers. The street is lively with hundreds of people and tourists strolling around the historic neighborhood.

The street is surrounded by the Main Post Office, the Ministry of Agrarian Policy, and the Ukrainian House, among others. Though it was destroyed during the German-Soviet War, the street was rebuilt using the neoclassical style of Stalinist architecture.

10. Kiev Pechersk Lavra

Also known as the Kiev Monastery of Caves, this destination is an Orthodox Christian monastery that is composed of a complex of supporting structures.

The monastery is one of the few tourist attractions that has resumed its main purpose. It currently houses over 100 monks, and together with St. Sophia’s Cathedral, the Monastery of the Caves is also inscribed as one of UNESCO’s World Heritage Sites.

Dating in Kiev Ukraine Made More Meaningful

Not only are these attractions a romantic dating option for you and your Ukrainian date, but it is also an extraordinary way to spend quality time with the woman you love.

It’s a given that most Western men are used to the traditional evening dinner at a fancy restaurant, but if you want to date women in Ukraine, you might as well acquaint yourself with some basic knowledge and understanding of the country’s history and culture.

With thousands of activities to do and exquisite sites to visit, the usual dinner date might just be the last thing on your mind during your stay in Kiev Ukraine.

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