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How to Have A Splendid Honeymoon Vacation in Kiev

Couple holding each other’s hand in marriage
Finding a perfect place for a honeymoon vacation? Kiev offers more than what you could imagine. Plan your trip today!

Kiev is Ukraine’s capital and is one of the most beautiful cities in the whole world. It is home to many industrial hubs, higher education institutions, and world-renowned historical landmarks. Kiev is also known for its religious architecture, secular monuments and historic museums. Along with it are Kiev’s fascinating travel destinations which generate a number of foreign tourists from across the globe.

Kiev has so much to offer too with its must-visit romantic places, making it a perfect place for honeymooners. This city isn’t only famous for its beauty, but also for several romantic spots that are perfect for couples to visit.

Kiev is simply a vacation city for couples who want an alone time together. Kiev food is one of the best too! So, if you are looking for a city to celebrate your honeymoon at, Kiev is definitely top of the list.

Here’s a glimpse of what to expect in Kiev:

  • Hryshko National Botanical Garden - This place is actually a botanical garden of the National Academy of Sciences in Ukraine. It is named after a Soviet botanist Mykola Hryshko. This garden covers 1.3 sq km and houses a variety of beautiful flowers and plants that make the place perfect for relaxing and unwinding

    This botanical garden has hothouses, conservatories, and greenhouses too. Visiting on spring and summer seasons when flowers are in full bloom is highly recommended.
  • Lovers’ Bridge - Just like any other cities where lovers prove their love by tying a ribbon or a lock on a bridge as a symbol of true love, Kiev city is no exception. It has Lovers’ Bridge too! This bridge is also well-known as the Bridge of Kisses. This place has witnessed numerous marriage proposals. There are a number of poets too who come to write their love lyrics on the railing of the bridge.

    A legend says, once a couple kisses on the bridge, they’ll be together forever. This can be one of the most romantic places you can visit with your wife. Visiting this spot is like stepping into a fairytale.
  • Fountain of Desires - Fountain of Desires is not a typical fountain. It’s actually composed of 21 bowls with the images of Nike, the Greek goddess. These bowls are gold which will sparkle like diamonds on a bright sunny day. Fountain of Desires is a place where people come to visit to declare their hearts’ desires.

    In order for that to happen, you and your partner must hold hands while looking at each other’s eyes believing that Nike will grant what you wished for.
  • Navodnitsky Park - The picturesque Navodnitsky Park is situated on the Dnipro river. One thing that makes this park attractive to tourists is the monument of the founders of Kiev in a bronze boat. This was built in 1982 and became a famous attraction since then. Navodnitsky Park is always full of newlyweds who come for a romantic and memorable photo shoot right after the wedding ceremony.

    According to the legend, if the couple turns their back at the boat and throws the bouquet together, they will have a prosperous and happy life throughout their marriage.
  • Planetarium - Last but definitely not least is the Planetarium. This Planetarium is a must-visit attraction when you travel to Kiev. It can give you a romantic and contemplating scene as you sit there with your wife under a thousand stars.

Apart from visiting these famous destinations, you may also take part in Kiev upcoming events to create an unforgettable Kiev trip with your wife. All that’s left for you to do is to pack and book your flight to enjoy your once in a lifetime honeymoon vacation.

If you are ready for a trip to Kiev, Ukraine, you may refer to our travel guide for a hassle-free vacation!

Newest, beautiful, single women now added for week of Wednesday, 24 May, 2023 - Tuesday, 30 May, 2023
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