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Kiev Winter Travel Guide | Meeting Ukrainian Women During Winter

Ukrainian woman playing with snow in Kiev
Make your winter trip to Kiev as worry-free as possible by following these winter travel guide.

Kiev turns into a magical place during winter. Parks like Volodymyrska Hill, Botanical Garden, and Cossack Village turn into snow-covered winter wonderlands. Other activities you can experience in Kiev only during winter season include riding in a tram cafe, immersing yourself in an authentic village culture in the Ethnographic Complex, and soaking your tired bones in a jacuzzi tub at SPA Aphrodite.

All these factors make winter the perfect time to meet Ukrainian women (and possibly even fall in love with one). If you’re lucky enough, you might even end up marrying a Ukrainian woman. However, the season could also make it a challenge to travel. If you’ve decided to visit Kiev during the winter time, here are some tips to make your trip go smoothly:

  • Book nonstop flights - This may seem like a taxing experience, but being stuck in a long flight is still much better than being stuck in an airport because your connecting flight was canceled. At least with a nonstop flight, you have to find ways to make yourself comfortable. It’s relatively easy to book nonstop flights. Simply search for nonstop flights on the airline’s website.
  • Book connecting flights that land in airports where snow isn’t an issue. - If you have to book a connecting flight, make sure it lands in an airport that is used to handling snowy weather. Kiev has Boryspil International and Igor Sikorsky International Airport, both of which are busy all throughout the year and operate on moderate snow days.
  • Check weather updates regularly. - Even if the airport still operates during snow days, it still pays to check weather updates regularly. Updates can give you an informed decision of whether to be delayed, rerouted, or find another way to travel. In short, regularly checking the weather update helps you plan ahead and make sure your journey goes as smoothly as possible.
  • Pack extra clothing and bring emergency supplies. - You never know what might happen while you are in transit. There are cases wherein flights are delayed or even canceled. Therefore, it helps to be prepared in case this happens. Pack extra clothes, emergency supplies, and extra cash. If possible, consider procuring travel insurance because it could cover the costs of other emergencies, such as lost luggage or papers.
  • Inspect your rental car. - If you rent a car, make sure to inspect it thoroughly before driving off. Check the engine, test out the gears, and all other essential components. Aside from inspecting the actual condition of the car, you also have to check its papers. Read the fine print so you can point out or question any curious stipulations or surcharges.
  • Double check your accommodation. - Re-confirm if you’re room has been booked. It also doesn’t hurt to ask what the hotel’s booking policy is. There are some that don’t require payment upon booking, but there are some that do. And once your room has been confirmed, don’t forget to inspect it once you’ve checked in. That way you can request for a transfer in case you see something you don’t like.

All in all, traveling to meet Ukraine women during the winter doesn’t have to be fraught with challenges. As long as you prepare ahead of time, your trip just might go smoothly and fruitfully. If you play your cards right, you might find a bride among Kiev women.

Newest, beautiful, single women now added for week of Wednesday, 24 May, 2023 - Tuesday, 30 May, 2023
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