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What to Do in Kiev When Dating Ukrainian Women

A photo of a beautiful Ukrainian woman sitting sitting down on the ground
Make your Ukraine dating experience more worthwhile by knowing what to do in Kiev.

Ukraine gained independence from the Soviet Union in 1991. Kiev, also known as Kyiv, is the country’s capital — a colorful and vibrant city filled with incredibly beautiful women.

Just as these ladies fill the streets of Ukraine, they also turn to several international dating sites for a chance to find love. Perhaps that’s how you got to meet one and may already be dating her. Either way, it’s very interesting to note that dating younger Ukrainian women who are up for any globe-trotting adventure is such an exciting and worthwhile experience.

As a result, knowing what to do in Kiev with your gorgeous Ukrainian lady becomes a goal. The question is, do you know just why you should explore this magnificent city? Stop and ask yourself what makes visiting Kiev so interesting, and you just might make your dates even more memorable.

In 2017, Kiev was named as one of Europe’s greenest metropolis, as more than half of the city’s land is forested with spacious green parks that are close to each other, all trailing around the Dnieper River.

Not only will you appreciate the picturesque scenery, but you will also find a lot of fun things to do in the city. What’s more is you have your Ukrainian date with you! Nothing’s more special than having an added touch of romance during your travels, especially with someone as beautiful as a Ukrainian woman.

Don’t settle for looking at stunning photos and aerial shots of the city’s breathtaking monuments, golden domes, and other jaw-dropping architectures — take the chance to explore these places yourself!

For the ultimate Kiev experience, here are some of the things to do and places to visit in the city:

1. Discuss Events That Took Place in Independence Square

As a young country, your Ukrainian date may be keen on patriotism or is simply proud of where she came from. Now it’s time to make a good impression by taking an interest in her country’s cultures, traditions, and histories.

Maidan Nezalezhnosti, known around the world as Independence Square, is the cultural and political focus in the entire country of Ukraine. While politics is a generally discouraged topic during the first few dates, or even with any local you casually meet, at least you can come to an agreement about how wonderful it is for Ukraine to have this milestone that commemorates its independence.

The place is good for both day trips and night trips. While this square is where many of the city’s protests take place, it also continues to welcome young people at night as its water fountains light up with music being played. It’s truly fascinating to see locals and tourists dancing to the beat in an open night sky while stealing kisses in the shadows.

2. Visit the Microminiature Museum

Like you, your date is probably just as interested in all things bizarre. She may have been to this place already, but wouldn’t it be great to satisfy your own curiosity for tiny, microscopic things as well? Inside the Kiev Pechersk Lavra complex is a museum filled with famous artist Mykola Syadristy’s microscopic masterpieces that are so fascinatingly made small that all of them fill an entire room.

Though it’s mostly a 30-minute long museum tour, every second proves to be worth it. The exhibition ends with you appreciating true art. It’s incredible how someone can be imaginative enough to create something so small yet so intricate.

Here, you will find the smallest book in the world that is a mere size of 0.6 square millimetres. You can also find a chessboard on top of a pin, a poppy seed turned into a bird’s nest, and a flea wearing golden shoes. It may cost a little money and time, but as they say, you will remember the experience your whole life.

Western men and women come to visit this place not just for the exhibit, but also for the whole Kiev Pechersk Lavra complex — considered a UNESCO World Heritage Site wherein the museum itself is located. When you’re done here, you can tour around the Upper and Lower Lavra territories. Upper Lavra is where the primary sights are located, while the Lower Lavra contains a cave complex running a separate tourism bureau where you can book cave excursions as well.

3. Secure Your Vows in Lovers’ Bridge

Among the many things to do in Ukraine is sharing a romantic experience at the country’s famous Bridge of Lovers. The attraction displays a Sherlock Holmes-inspired street light, as well as imprints on the ground connecting Khreshchatyk Park to City Park. Over the years, the bridge has been given several unpleasant names, such as the Bridge of Suicides, pointing to the last century story of a brokenhearted schoolboy who jumped to his death. The last form of suicide was in 2007 where a boy and girl jumped from the bridge in the same manner.

However, this bridge is now associated with love as many successful relationship stories have started here. For decades, thousands of couples visited the bridge to secure their love with the use of a padlock or an inscription. Who knows, coming here with your Ukrainian date might bring your affection for one another to a whole new level, and perhaps be able to secure it for the long haul.

4. Revisit History in Chernobyl

If you’re interested in learning about the disastrous past, you will know that this famous attraction plays a significant role in the history of Ukraine. The April 1986 disaster is the product of serious mistakes made by the nuclear power plant operators. As a result of the accident, 350,000 people from the town were evacuated, and it remains uninhabited to this day.

The Chernobyl accident was considered to be the worst nuclear disaster in human history, with numerous fallouts detected throughout Europe around that time. Let your date take on a new light as you visit this ghost town and witness fascinating artifacts left frozen in time, as well as skin-crawling stories that come along with them.

Finding Love in Kiev, Ukraine

In Kiev, you’ll come to find that almost every town, neighborhood, and attraction is enough to have a romantic time with beautiful Ukrainian women. Know what to do in Kiev and discover how this incredible city came to be!

Newest, beautiful, single women now added for week of Tuesday, 1 June, 9723 - Monday, 7 June, 9723
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