Ukrainian Dating | Winter Date Ideas in Kiev, Ukraine

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Make the most out of your Romantic vacation in Kiev Ukraine with these winter date ideas.

Winter is a magical time in Kiev Ukraine. While not many would recommend travelling to the city during this time, that’s only because it can become very quiet during the holidays. But if you find the right company, such as a lovely Ukrainian woman, you can have a lovely time in the city of Kiev.

Ukraine’s capital city is the best place to be if you want to experience or have a closer look into the Ukrainian dating scene. Aside from the quaint restaurants and cafes, there are several art exhibits and films you can enjoy with your date. And with the holidays fast approaching, you can definitely feel like you have the city all to yourselves (due to the fact that most of the locals stay in their homes to celebrate with family). In short, winter is the perfect time to get to know Ukraine singles. To make a good impression, here are some winter date ideas you can try out:

  • Carriage ride
    There’s nothing more romantic than a carriage ride throughout the city. It invokes the feeling of being in a different time period or in a fairytale wonderland. The ride would be even more romantic when snow is falling down on you. Throughout the ride, you can share a bottle of wine while getting to know one another. If you aren’t keen on getting drunk, some hot chocolate would do just as well. What’s important is setting an intimate ambience.
  • Go ice skating together
    Ice skating is another romantic pastime you can enjoy together. It’s also one of the few activities you can do by yourselves or with other people. The best part is that you have the perfect excuse to get close to her. In order to remain upright, it helps if you hold on to one another.
  • Make a fondue.
    As magical as winters can be in Kiev, spending time indoors can be just as romantic. You two can snuggle up on a couch to keep yourselves warm and nibble on some treats. But you can add a touch of luxury by making either a cheese or chocolate fondue. That way, as you are watching a movie, your treats are even tastier.
  • Drive around and see the holiday lights.
    Without a doubt, winter is one of the most decorative times of the year. People go all out in decorating their homes and businesses. Take the time to go around the city to see how creative the locals got with their decor. Incidentally, this activity is a good way to explore the city with some beautiful Ukrainian women.
  • Go to the opera house.
    Kiev is home to some of the grandest opera houses in the world. The most famous would have to be the National Opera of Ukraine. Your trip to the city would not be complete without watching opera; and what better place to watch than in the National Opera.

By trying any of these activities, not only do you spend romantic time with your date but you also get to learn more about Kiev City. Join one of our singles tours to visit the city and meet some of the loveliest Kiev women.

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