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Marriage is the union between two individuals who share a unique and romantic bond together. When a person gets married, it is usually treated with a great deal of importance because marriage is often considered an important milestone for many. However, plenty of men often find it challenging to meet an ideal woman to marry and spend the rest of their lives with.

A popular choice among modern men these days is marrying a beautiful Kiev bride because they have numerous redeeming qualities that makes them the perfect wife to settle down with. These women are naturally gifted with stunning physical attributes that are sure to attract any male partner seeking marriage. While appearances are important for some males, it is their deep-rooted values that makes them want to stay.

Amazing Qualities of Kiev Women

The main reason why a lot of men want Kiev girls for marriage is because they possess several desirable attributes. These qualities help them stand out from the typical western lady, which makes men view them as the ideal wife and mother of their future children together. Here are some of the amazing qualities that they are endowed with:

Beautiful Kiev women seeking marriage with foreign men.
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  • Naturally beautiful - Slavic women are well-known for possessing charmingly good looks that are completely natural. You will seldom find a Kiev lady who has undergone any surgical procedures to help enhance their natural beauty. This can be attributed to the fact that they take pride in their skin care routine, engage in regular exercise, and are health-conscious when it comes to their diet too.
  • Great hostesses - Traditionally, Kiev women are brought up to be the hostess of the household. Due to the way they were brought up by their parents, they are naturally interested in being the ideal hostess; from preparing meals to entertaining the guests that arrive. If you love to organize dinner parties with your friends and coworkers, your guests will surely feel at home and entertained.
  • Family oriented - The Kiev marriage culture encourages young boys and girls from an early age to place a lot of value into the bonds they build within members of the family. This means that they enjoy spending time with their relatives, and they genuinely care about one another too. Following this logic, Kiev women make excellent mothers because they know how to discipline and take care of children due to their good upbringing.
  • Strong career ambitions - Despite being family oriented, Kiev women are also highly career driven with clear ambitions from an early age. Due to this, they grow up to be independent and value the amount of effort and time they place into their careers. However, this does not mean that they are unwilling to put their careers on hold when settling down and starting a family of their own. As such, they know how to prioritize the most important aspects of their life.
  • Devoutly religious - Christianity in the Ukraine can be traced back to as early as the 10th century, which means that deep religious values are ingrained from the past to present generations. You can expect your Kiev bride to uphold these values and pass them down to your future children. Due to this, they have a high sense of morality and spirituality as well.

Kiev Brides vs Western Brides

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You might be wondering why you should settle down with a Kiev bride instead of just marrying a western woman from your country. In actuality, there are plenty of reasons why marrying a Ukrainian beauty is more preferable. To answer the questions that may be flooding your head, here are is a simple comparison between the two:

  • When it comes to the planning process of getting married, Ukrainian women are well-known for having a hands on approach because of the present Kiev marriage culture. This means they are more than happy to handle everything from the arrangements to finding the most ideal venue. In contrast, western ladies prefer to hand all the responsibilities over to a wedding planner, which is costly to begin with.
  • Unlike western ladies, these women value the opinions and values that their families uphold from one generation to the next. Due to their deep ties with their parents and relatives, you can expect your Kiev bride to actively seek out the opinions of their family members. This is most evident when making life-changing decisions like marriage, so be prepared to entertain their requests and listen to their opinions too.
  • Western marriages are notorious for being very costly, especially because they usually prefer to hire wedding planners for it. It not only includes the cost of hiring a professional planner, but includes other fees such as the venue, food, entertainment, wedding attire, and so much more. In contrast, Kievs prefer to have simple ceremonies and usually dislike extravagant celebrations.

Wedding Traditions for Kiev Women

While most modern weddings in the Ukraine are quite similar to those in the United States, the former still maintains a few traditions today. Before getting married to your lady, it is important to be aware of some traditions that the Kiev marriage culture still implements today. Here are some of them:

  • Paying the ransom - After proposing, the next step is to visit the home your bride-to-be’s parents to pay the ransom. You don’t necessarily have to offer cash, as long as you bring an item of high and equal value. If her parents deem the item or money offered to be sufficient, they will bring out the bride covered in a veil. When the offer is too low however, the woman they bring out wearing the veil won’t be the bride-to-be.
  • Treading on the Rushnyk - The rushnyk is a traditionally embroidered Ukrainian cloth usually used during marriage ceremonies for their symbolic meaning. According to custom, the first person who steps on it will wear the pants in the marriage. The bride will usually allow you to step on it first, as it represents her respect and endearment for you.
  • Korovai cake - Instead of having the usual wedding cake, most Kiev ladies will prefer to have the Korovai, which is the Ukrainian equivalent to the pastry. It is most notable for its unique appearance, which is basically a large braided bread made up of wheat flour. Depending on her preferences, the korovai will contain various traditional symbols and can contain figurines that were given by family members to represent their blessings and wishes for the newly married couple.

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