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At present day, the dating culture in various countries across the world has changed significantly. All the many recent changes can be attributed to the popularity of smartphones with dating apps and websites that companies, which specialize in marriage agency services are now utilizing. Not only has it helped companies like these to further market their services and products, it has also allowed users to experience a higher level of convenience.

According to a recent survey conducted in April 2017, about 84% of men and women are using these apps and signing up for marriage agency services. As the stigma that surrounds the online dating culture is quickly disappearing, more people feel encouraged to use these platforms to meet their lifelong partner. In Kiev, one of the most popular sites to use these days are Kiev Women and Craigslist. While these two sites offer more or less the same services, they also differ in many ways.


Kiev women and men use Craigslist to find their lifelong partner.

A highly popular website in the digital age is Craigslist, which has been around since 1995. When the site was still at the very early stages of development, its owner and founder, Craig Newmark, wanted to create a digital version of the classified advertisements that one would normally find printed on magazines, newspapers, and other types of traditional publications. With the vision of creating a platform that offered variety to its users, it contained numerous forums and sections, including that of selling old items, the promotion of events, and even job opportunities.

As the site rose in popularity, plenty of users started using it as a platform for meeting other similar minded men and women for the purpose of dating. While there have been many success stories from users who found their wife or husband from the site, it also led to innumerable problems. Most of which, had to do mostly with the security and safety of its users.

Personals are Random

One of the reasons why the men and women from Kiev are using these new platforms is because it makes it easier and more convenient for them. However, the downside with using Craigslist is that they do not store personal preferences from their users. This means that the ads and posts that usually load on the page are completely random. Furthermore, these personals are managed by the person who posted it, which means that quality is not ensured.

Profiles are Not Verified

Using a host whenever posting advertisements online has its many advantages, such as being able to ensure its quality. When hosts are not utilized, it leads to numerous unverified profiles, which makes it twice as easier for online scammers to create fake accounts in the hopes of luring other people. This is an existing problem that has risen in numbers, especially for sites that do not require users to verify their newly created accounts.

In fact, there have been numerous cases wherein a user on Craigslist made use of a photo they got from the internet and simply created a fake name to accompany the photo. Other users who blindly trust these fake accounts can message and interact with them, without knowing who the person on the other side of the screen really is. This inevitably ruins the whole experience for many, with some leading to more serious consequences.

Meetups are Not Secured

Chatting with someone online is one thing but taking the time to set up a date and time to meet in person is a whole other ordeal. A huge disadvantage that the site has is its failure to keep track of the meetups that occur. Meetups that are not tracked down and unverified profiles are two factors that do not go well together.

This has led to plenty of users to fall victim to other users and some of which, led to very severe consequences. Some of these meetups have ended in murder, robbery, assault, kidnapping, and more. Despite some of these cases ending up on newspaper headlines and news features, the site has done nothing to counter these cases, so far.

Kiev Women

Perhaps one of the most popular websites that men and women use nowadays, is Kiev Women. The website was first created and launched in 1995 and since then, has become the most respected marriage agency in the Ukraine. Their good reputation however, can be attributed to the high quality services that they provide.

The site contains a lot of content that the users find useful, especially for those who are inexperienced and have never tried online dating before. It contains a lot of practical information, such as how to prepare for events like singles tours and the best way to approach the women that join them. Numerous clients have commented on how accommodating the staff is and their highly hands on approach when it comes to helping their clients find their lifelong companion.

Host Company

The largest contradiction that the company has with craigslist is the fact that they make use of hosts. Having professional hosting means that the entire experience is more secure for it users. Clients can feel safe and confident when using their website and services because there is an official company and everything is traceable and verified too.

Furthermore, the website is chock-full of useful information and more in depth details regarding the company, such as background information and the type of services being offered. The profiles of Kiev ladies are organized and contain the necessary data and photos of each lady. Not just that, they regularly update it with relevant blog posts and events like singles vacation as well.

Verified Profiles and Personals

Since the company enlists professionals to manage the website with regard to posting and organizing events, it also means that the content is of great quality. Moreover, the professionals operating behind the scenes are working to make sure that all the profiles are verified and the personals are authentic. This eliminates the existence of fake accounts and profiles on their site.

Following this logic, one needs not worry about their safety when chatting with other users online. The women and professionals work hand in hand in creating their profiles, including the information and photos posted. This prevents users with bad intentions from using the site.

Meetups are Secured

The meetups that happen are monitored and planned by the company itself. This means that there is very little chance that something untoward would occur, such as the other party failing to show up or other, more serious consequences from happening. The tours they offer are organized and made more convenient for its participants.

This means that everything is planned beforehand, from the big details to the most minute ones. This includes where the event will take place, to the activities that will be conducted, and the meals served during the occasion. It makes the experience not only convenient, but safe too.

After going through the pros and cons of each site, one can come to the conclusion that the latter is better in many ways. Not only is Kiev Women safer and more convenient, it prioritizes the preferences and satisfaction of its clients too. By signing up for an account, you get the most out of your time and money.

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