Meet Ukraine Women in One of These Kiev Festivals

A crowd rave in a festival in Kiev Ukraine.
Take the opportunity to meet Ukrainian women in one of Kiev’s festivals.

Most of the popular music festivals in the world are either held in Latin America or Asia. However, not many people know that there are festivals that are just as cool in Ukraine—especially in Kiev.

Attending these festivals in Ukraine is not only the best time to immerse yourself in the Ukrainian culture, but also to meet stunning Ukraine women. To narrow down your choices, here are the top 5 unmissable festivals traditionally held in Kiev.

  • Ostrov - Ostrov Festival is one of the best in Ukraine's electronic music industry. Thousands of people join each year since the first Ostrov in 2013, making it the largest of its kind. A solid line-up of local and international artists perform on three separate stages, which will run for three days. In recent years, there were foreign festival-goers spotted from Italy, Georgia, Russia, the USA, and many other countries. If you are up for a party, then join the upcoming Ostrov held annually from June 30 - July 2. Feel the powerful energy of nature and marvel at the fancy scenery, while you dance on the sand. Be ready anytime because your chance of meeting a Ukrainian woman in this event is at its highest.
  • Atlas Weekend - Atlas Weekend holds the reputation of being the most ambitious Ukrainian music festival. It is one of the major Kiev open-air music and performing arts festivals which gathers crowds of visitors and super talented performers from Ukraine and abroad. The festival does not solely feature music, but also dance and poetry. Some of its attractions include numerous stalls and bars serving food and drinks, a kid's area, bazaar, etc. The event aims to develop Ukrainian festival culture and promote Ukrainian music. If ever you missed the Ostrov Festival, you are not too late to take part in Atlas Weekend. This is usually held in between July 4 and July 8. Prepare to see some of the finest Ukraine women in their fashionable get-ups.
  • Gogolfest - Dedicated to the famous Ukrainian-Russian writer, Nikolai Gogol, GogolFest is an annual multi-disciplinary international festival which features different types of contemporary art in Kiev. People come here to see plays, musical performances, visual art exhibitions, literary readings, film screenings, and some of the best things about Kiev happening for over ten days in the middle of September. If you are an artsy type of person, you would likely find your match with a Ukrainian woman in the event. Your jaw would drop as you witness Ukrainian people showcase their creative side, share the latest trends, and just have fun. This festival is also educational because you get to learn the fundamentals of filmmaking, acting, and dancing.
  • Molodist - Molodist or Kyiv International Film Festival is the grandest and most prestigious film festival not just in Kiev, but in the entire Ukraine. It was first organized in 1970 as a two-day festival of films by scholars of Kyiv State Institute of Theatrical Arts with 33 participating movies that year. It continues to grow over the years with a greater number of participants and audience. Movie buffs head to the film fest typically organized in October (dates change every year). If you are one of them, better keep yourself posted by checking updates online from time to time and join in one of the best things to do in Kiev.
  • White Nights - The best world DJs of different music genres rocking the stage, with hundreds of guests raving the night away, overflowing with entertainment and happenings around--this is a classic scenario of the "White Nights" in Kiev. This festival either opens up the summer season at the beginning of June or welcomes autumn in September. The most delightful attraction in the event is the street Kiev food festival, making the party droolworthy. Meaty stews, seafood, exotic dishes, desserts, and refreshing coffee drinks are served in the fest. If you are both a foodie and a party animal, then you get to experience the best of both worlds in the “White Nights.”

What are you waiting for? Head to Kiev and join any of these festivals to have a grand time in the capital.

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