Budgeting Your Dates with Ukrainian Women in Kiev

A couple kissing under the sunset while on a romantic bicycle date.
Woo a Ukrainian woman’s heart by giving her a memorable date without having to go beyond your budget!

Your phone rings as one of many Ukrainian women calls you.

She asks if you’re free tomorrow because she badly wants you to take her to her favorite restaurant. You check your schedule and realize that you’re free. You answer yes. She hangs up and a smile spreads across your face.

Sunday comes and she looked dazzling before you. The new emerald green dress she wears has been brought to life seeing how her beauty is so well suited to it. Holding her hand in yours, you go inside, sit at the table you reserved and read the menu.

Your eyeballs almost pop out of their socket at seeing how all the costs tripled all of a sudden.

Suddenly, a loud ringing buzzes in your ears and you wake up to your alarm clock. Wow. What a foul dream that was.

Money makes the world go round. Nothing is done and made at no cost seeing how everything has a price tag with it. Being with Ukrainian women teaches you details that were unknown to you before. Equally, budgeting is a must when going on a date.

Dating women in Ukraine isn’t done in the same manner as dating women from other cultures. Finding love doesn’t end overnight and it requires perseverance on your part. Men in long term relationships with Ukrainian women can confirm.

Looking for potential partners entails going on meaningful dates. This phase of the relationship strengthens you. It will also help you know each other better.

But what do you need to secure dates with beautiful Ukrainian women for yourself? Be guided on the following important points to guide you preparing for dates with Ukraine women:

Paying for Your First Date

Online dating limits the things you are able to do with a woman you like. Through dating apps, you can only spend time virtually and nothing else. Despite the popularity of internet dating, the physical touch has yet to be perfected by any dating service.

This explains why your first date with her should be remarkable and unprecedented relative to other dates.

As a man, it is traditionally on you to shoulder the bill. In Ukrainian dating culture, this proves your sincerity in wanting to pursue her.

Showing up on your first date with a bouquet of fresh flowers is a smart way to make a positive impression. This also increases the prospect of scoring a second date with her. Have the end in mind. You date to marry and nothing else.

Ukrainian Women Hate Small Talk About Dating Expenses

Some western men make the mistake of making small talk on a date by bringing up the expenses spent. Mentioning how much you paid for the preparations you made for her only makes you look like you are unwilling to spend money and gives the effect of you looking stingy.

As much as you want to speak to her about so many things, not avoiding the topic of your expenses for this will only bring poor results.

Instead, talk about subjects that you think she might find interesting and share meaningful things in your life. At the end of your date, see to it that you have established a good rapport and made every penny you spent justifiable.

Most Loved Ukraine Dating Spots

Kiev, Ukraine is home to magnificent spots and attractions that you should not miss. As you go around the city with your woman at the capital of Ukraine, you will get to see attractions that make Kiev one of the most beautiful cities in the country. Here are some great places for you to take your Ukrainian woman on a date:

  • St. Andrew’s Church
  • The Golden Gate
  • Gorodetsky House
  • Hydropark
  • Independence Square
  • Khreschatyk Street
  • Kiev Pechersk Lavra
  • The Ukrainian State Museum of the Great Patriotic War

Basic Travel Costs in Ukraine

Budgeting is knowing how much you are willing to spend in doing an activity or visiting a place. If you are the type of man who prefers to prepare beforehand, it is wise to be knowledgeable about the costs of going around the city. Basically, going on a date would require you to spend on transportation, gas, an appetizing meal, and the accommodation for you to reach places.

Before you roam the city, it is helpful to know how much it would cost you to do so. Here is a budgeting guide below:

  • Average Daily Cost amounts to $35.00
  • Hotel Accommodations amount to $19.50
  • One Day Meals amount to $9.00
  • Transportations expenses amount to $1.20
  • Entertainment and Leisure amounts to $3.00
  • Alcohol and Drinks amount to $7.50

Top Budget Friendly Ukraine Dating Ideas

Two people in love set aside the materialism when it comes to going on a date. For a happy couple, the place and cost would not matter greatly as long as both are together and happy.

Your love is clearly shown every time you work hard to make her try things she wanted to try but hasn’t before. As much as you want to let her experience the world, theoretically it is just impossible. However, there are numerous budget friendly ideas out there that Ukrainian women find enjoyable. Here are some:

  • Food trucks
  • Going for garden picnics
  • Setting up bonfire under the stars
  • Taking museum tours
  • Trying out new hobbies
  • Experiencing karaoke bars
  • Visiting thrift stores and garage sales
  • Finding and knowing your special place

Taking Her to Your Heart

The most exceptional spot you can take her is your heart. No other place could be better for her than it is. As your heart beats for her, don’t let yourself burn out in terms of showing how much she means to you.

Ukrainian women appreciate men who are thoughtful. Do yourself a favor by being one.

Time may pass by you but even so, don’t let romance slip away from you as well. Be creative. Innovate and create.

Don’t limit yourself to date ideas that are trivial and have been widely done over the years. Think outside the box and meet your budget while doing so.

Keep in mind that memorable dates with Ukrainian women do not have to be expensive. It only has to come, especially from you, and no one else.

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