Importance of Communication in a Long-Distance Relationship

Dating a woman in Kiev, Ukraine.
With an open line of communication, your long-distance relationship with a beautiful Kiev woman should last longer than you’d expect.

Almost all day, Davidge, who lives in South Carolina, is in touch with his girlfriend, Angela Davila, who lives in Virginia and is job hunting.

Despite being separated by a six-hour drive, they “shoot the bull and stuff” over FaceTime when Davidge has a break at work, they call each other in the car, and they watch TV together at the end of the day using a website that lets them share a screen.

“It’s almost like being in the same room together,” he says of their tandem streaming.

So what about long-distance relationships that are more than just a 6-hour drive away?

Will they even work?

Despite all the questions that we ask about this kind of relationship, there’s no denying that more and more people are getting themselves into one.

But is it really worth risking?

The answer is simple.

It all depends on different circumstances.

Different people react to certain situations differently, and as such, you may find that some couples are more successful when they are in a long-distance relationship than those who are able to see each other in a minute’s notice.

Trust. This is probably the most important part of such a relationship.

When dating someone who is in Kiev, Ukraine – which is literally halfway across the world – trust is not an option, but a necessity.

You do not always get to know where she is, or what she is doing, but always bear in mind that if she really wants to be with you, then she wouldn’t even think of doing things that will compromise your relationship.

Changing the way you think about the relationship helps to cope with the distance.

For instance, constantly thinking that she is partying or flirting with other men will naturally make your relationship NOT work out.

Doubts will start to cloud your mind.

But if you replace that with positive thoughts, you’ll be surprised at how long your relationship will last.

Next to trust, communication should be nearly as important.

Communication is Key

No matter how far away you are from the woman you love, communication will always bring you closer – not physically, but emotionally.

Communication is part of a healthy relationship.

It helps you understand each other’s situations despite the distance.

Always maintain a regular flow of communication and make it a habit.

If couples fail to keep communication, expectations will develop.

If expectations are not met, several long distance relationship problems will start.

The reason why many couples who are in a long-distance relationship end up falling apart is because they feel like the other person is not giving them enough time, leading them to believe that they are not being valued as much.

And that is understandable.

Because no matter how busy we think we are, if we truly want to communicate with our significant other, we will always find time for them, no matter the circumstances.

There is no such thing as being “too busy” in any relationship.

Another important thing to remember is to always put yourself in their shoes.

If you think that you are busy, what makes you think that your significant other isn't?

So how is it that despite their busy schedule, they are still able to find time to talk to you?

That is a question that you will need to ask yourself.

A long-distance relationship is about give and take.

And most of the time, that “give and take” is in the form of making time for each other, and that time comes in the form of communication.

You either give her some of your time, or you take some of hers.

Well balanced relationships involve compromise.

At the end of the day, communication allows you to find your perfect match.

Modes of Communication

With modern technology, means of communication have become plentiful. There should be no reason for you not to be able to communicate with her because of the distance.

Below are some of the modes of communication that you can use with your partner from Kiev:

  • Email
    Email is one of the earliest forms of electronic messaging.
    This method allows users to send messages through the internet without having to worry about the cost per message.
    As long as you have the ability to connect to the internet, then you can send an email to your loved one even when she is all the way in Kiev.
    All you really need to do is create an account using any of the hundreds of email providers on the internet.
  • Text
    With the constant development of technology comes texting.
    Texting is the process of sending short messages through radio frequencies that are used by telecommunications companies.
    It allows fast and accurate messaging at a reasonable cost per message.
    But you need not worry because with the advancement of texting, telecommunication companies have been offering phone plans that enable you to send unlimited numbers of texts as long as you pay a fixed amount per month.
  • Phone / Video Call
    Telephones have been available for centuries.
    And as other forms of communication evolved, so did telephony.
    Nowadays, the need for wired landline phones has become unnecessary.
    All you really need now to make a call is a cellular phone with a SIM card.
    This gives you the ability to call your partner any time and any day.
  • Social Media
    The internet has opened the door to many innovations.
    One of these innovations is social media.
    Through sites like Facebook or Twitter, users can easily communicate with each other over the internet.
    And since almost everyone has a social media account, make no mistake that your loved one in Kiev is sure to have one too.
    Messaging her through social media platforms has never been this easy and convenient.
    Starting a long distance relationship is not easy.
    There will always be risks that come with it.

But if you are willing to go down that path and risk having a relationship with a woman who is halfway across the world, then you will need to make sure to always have a regular flow of communication.

Whether you are looking forward to your first date or are already on your third anniversary, communicating with your Kiev woman is what makes your long-distance relationship work.

If your relationship lasts and you end up marrying each other, it makes all the risks you took in the beginning all the more worth it.

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