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Dating advice for when to date
Find out why winter is the perfect season for dating.

One of the hardest aspects of dating is the timing of it all, especially when you are just starting out. Don’t you feel like there are times when there aren’t that many viable women to meet (or if there are, none of them catch your interest)? If you’ve experienced this before, it’s possible that you started your search on the wrong season. Here’s an unconventional piece of dating advice for you: Try to start dating from fall to winter.

There’s a reason why plenty of couples get married during Christmas. That’s because it is considered to be one of the most romantic times of the year (aside from Valentine’s). How could you not fall in love with the backdrop of pristine white snow and golden fire by the chimney? There’s also the fact that there are plenty of couple activities you can try with that special someone. The seemingly magical atmosphere during the winter season is probably the reason it is considered one of the most romantic times of the year.

This may seem like a piece of unusual dating advice for men to date in the wintertime, but there are some surprising reasons why this could work:

  • Cold weather
    Fall and winter are the perfect seasons for snuggling. When the world outside is cold, one of the best things to do is to just stay at home and snuggle up with someone you love. For this reason, more and more people are open to dating. They don’t want to be cold and alone at home when they could keep warm with their significant other. This is especially true when dating a Ukrainian woman. Their winters can be especially cold.
  • Holidays
    With Christmas and New Year’s Day just around the corner, the romantic atmosphere also builds up as the holidays draw closer. You certainly don’t want to be alone during this season, do you? These occasions, in particular, are mostly spent with family, which can sometimes make single people regret not having one of their own. There’s also no helping the fact that a lot of couples get married during December. With that said, no one would want to be invited to any of these weddings while they’re still single.
  • Couple activities
    Kissing under the mistletoe during Christmas, wearing matching costumes during Halloween, ice skating during winter, and many more—all of which you can do with your Ukraine date. With so many couples activities, wouldn’t it be nice to have someone to experience them with? Trying out any of them is also the perfect excuse to impress your date.
  • Social gatherings
    Christmas and New Year’s isn’t just spent with families. You also have to consider company parties and possibly being invited by close friends and relatives. It would be depressing to go to any of them by yourself.

While these dating tips for new relationships are unconventional, there’s no harm in giving them a try, especially if you’re interested in a Ukrainian woman. It’s also the perfect excuse to visit Kiev during this season. You and a beautiful Ukrainian lady could start your romance during this magical season by signing up to one of our singles tours.

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