Dating Advice | 6 Ways To Celebrate The Best Anniversary Ever

A card that reads “happy anniversary” sitting beside 3 french macaroons and a cup of coffee.
Make your anniversary even more memorable with this dating advice.

Date night dinner? Done. Out of town vacations? Check. Roses and cards? Already did that. What more can you do to make your anniversary, that one special day in the year, grander than your usual dates or better than the ones that have passed?

In this dating advice for men, we are giving 6 of the most unique and romantic ideas you can easily try to mark this year’s anniversary as the best one yet. You can rest assured that any of these tips won't break the bank or take too long to prepare, and everything will surely warm her heart!

So read on and take your pick.

  1. Relive your first date.
    Since you are celebrating all the time you’ve been together, isn’t it simply poetic to look back to the first date you had? You can do this at the same venue where your first date took place or simply recreate everything at home.
    From the ambiance to the food and even to the clothes you wore, all the effort will truly reflect how much she and the relationship meant to you. Who wouldn’t swoon over that?
  2. Create a playlist just for her.
    Nothing says personal touch more than personalizing a sweet playlist! Choose tracks that are meaningful to her and to the relationship as a whole.
    The first song she sang for you, the song you dedicated to her from the beginning of everything, etc. You can reveal this serenade surprise by sending her an online link or by setting it up in the car. Most importantly, ask her to jam with you — dance a ballad or rock it out with hip hop.
  3. Do a photo shoot.
    You don’t have to stress yourself out! With a camera or a smartphone, and your smiles, every photo will surely come out breathtaking.
    Visit places that you both like or even set it up at home. Still have those old pictures you took from the past year? Why not recreate them and keep everything in an album that you can always look back on. To switch it up a little, you can even create a collection on Instagram to share it with family and friends.
  4. Follow the number.
    If it’s the tenth year already, couple everything with the same number, such as ten trinkets, ten dishes, ten places to visit. Not only is this thrilling for you to prepare such a number of things, but it will also be fun for her to keep on receiving more and more surprises.
  5. Do something new.
    Wouldn’t it be perfect to celebrate a new year of being together with a new activity for you both to try? Whether it’s learning a new skill you two haven’t mastered yet or teaching each other things you are specifically good at, it will surely be a remarkable time together.
    Remember that the key to a healthy and successful relationship is a love that keeps on growing.
  6. Give thoughtful gifts.
    There are no issues with sticking to store-bought gifts. Sometimes, they are even the ones she would appreciate more — as long as there is thought behind it.
    What’s a homemade card when you know she would rather enjoy and find it useful to have a book? We aren’t saying that the card isn’t cherished — but don’t you think functional things are better and would mean more to her?

Time flies when you are having fun — and in love. And your anniversaries will come just as fast!

Anything you try from this list will surely prove to her your great dedication. And we are sure that she’ll be wishing it’s anniversary day everyday. Isn’t that the best love scenario ever?

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