Dating Advice | How to Approach a Ukrainian Girl During Our Socials

 A bunch of couples out on date night.
Learn all about how to approach a girl during socials date night.

One of the most exciting things you’ll experience during our singles tour to Kiev is the social event. For two nights, you along with a few other men will have the opportunity to meet lovely single Ukrainian ladies. Throughout the night, there’ll be great food, some fun games, some dancing, and a pageant competition to boot. So this date night experience would be a lot like speed dating. The only difference is that there’s no other coordinated setup to meeting the women other than putting you all in a room together. The initiative to get to know one another is still up to you and the ladies.

Approaching the Ukrainian women present that night isn’t as nerve-wracking as you might think, especially when you consider they want the same things as you. All you really have to do is approach them and start a conversation. But if you’re one of those men who just freezes up in front of a beautiful lady, these dating tips for shy guys are perfect for you.

Just keep this dating advice in mind and we guarantee you that it could help you muster up the courage you need to approach a lady:

  • Just walk up to her.
    There’s no better way of approaching a lady than being direct. It might be intimidating being in the presence of beautiful Ukrainian women, but you’ll be fine as long as you get over that initial nervousness. As you approach, you can also gauge her receptiveness. If she’s looking at you intently as you approach, that’s a good indicator that she’s also interested. If not, approach her anyway. There’s still a chance you can grab her attention through your words.
  • Be yourself.
    Women can be intuitive. If you’re pretending to be someone else, some of them can tell right away. Instead of putting up a front, just be yourself. A lot of women appreciate it when men are being themselves. That also allows them to relax around you and let their hair down (so to speak). Besides, being pretentious will take its toll on you eventually. At some point, the lies will catch up. So better come clean from the very beginning and hope for the best. That might just be the catalyst to finding the right woman.
  • Don’t corner her.
    Once you approach a woman, make sure to keep a respectable distance. If you intrude her personal space, she’d feel cornered and have the urge to stay away. Instead, allow her to come to you. It’s also one way for you to tell if she’s interested or not. If she comes closer on her own volition, that’s one sign she’s interested.
  • Forget the cheesy pickup lines or the usual conversation starters.
    In order to capture her attention, start the conversation by getting creative. There are plenty of ways to do this, such as mentioning trivia, asking an unusual question, or simply giving her a compliment. Either way, even the tiniest difference can help you stand out.

Once you get over this initial hurdle, talking to the women would come more naturally to you. Talking to the women is important because it’ll help you determine which of them you click with or don’t. It’s also a good way to make a solid connection. If you want to test out the dating advice you’ve learned in this article, make sure to sign up for our next singles tour.

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