Dating Advice | How to Pick the Right Restaurant for a First Date

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Read this dating advice to help you pick the right restaurant for your first date.

It may not seem like a big deal but the right venue can go a long way in making a date go smoothly. Think about it, regardless of how nicely you’re dressed up or how delicious the food is, it would be quite impossible to enjoy the night when your date venue is unruly and loud or if there’s a foul stench in the air? All these factors affect how the date goes. But with so many restaurants to choose from, how do you pick the right one for your first date? We’ve got all the dating advice you need for picking the right date venue below:

  • Read reviews and check out pictures.
    The benefit of sites like Yelp is that you can be made aware of how good a restaurant is through the feedback and rating of previous customers. From how their dishes taste to the quality of service, reviews will help you narrow down which restaurant to choose. And if the restaurant has a website, make sure to check the pictures of their establishment. A nice ambiance really goes a long way in impressing your Ukraine date.
  • Find out what dishes are being served.
    If you don’t have an adventurous palate, better stick to tried and tested cuisines, such as French and Italian cooking. Again, it helps to check if restaurants have websites because you can check what’s on their menu. If you and your date have an adventurous palate, you can find restaurants that serve exotic cuisine.
  • Check if they can still take reservations on the day of your date.
    Like hotels, there are days when restaurants are fully booked. If you’ve managed to narrow down your choices, better call all of them ahead of time to find out if they can still take reservations on the day of your date. You wouldn’t want to show up only to find out they don’t have any available tables anymore.
  • Check out the ambiance.
    There are some restaurants that have a more formal setting, while others have a more casual vibe. If you prefer a more romantic atmosphere, then pick a restaurant with a more formal setting (expect formal restaurants to have a higher price range).
    However, if both of you want to relax and prefer a more laid back atmosphere, then choose a more casual restaurant. Aside from the ambiance, you should also check that the lighting and the acoustics are just right to ensure you two can still see and hear each other.
  • Pick restaurants that are located in safe neighborhoods.
    This factor is especially crucial especially when you are dating in another country, like Kiev Ukraine. As much as you want to enjoy yourself, you also have to make sure that both you and your date are safe after the date ends (more so when your evening ends quite late). Is Kiev safe at night? Overall, yes it is; but there’s also no harm in checking and putting up extra safety measures to avoid any potential danger.

Choosing the right restaurant can go a long way in not only impressing Ukraine single ladies, but also making sure that the date goes smoothly. So as you take a Ukrainian woman out on a date, make sure to keep these tips in mind.

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