Dating Advice | How to Woo a Ukrainian Girl Based on Her MBTI

A man trying to hide a boquet of flowers from a Ukrainian girl.
Find the best dating advice fit for her MBTI personality type.

You are preparing for your first date with this beautiful woman. You are dressed to the nines, bouquet in hand and ready to sweep her off her feet. You are sure that this will lead to the best love story ever.

Plot twist: She’s not impressed with your wooing ways. Are you just going to simply walk away without even putting up a fight?

Hold it right there. We can still save your happily ever after with this dating advice specifically tailored to her Myers-Briggs personality type. Learn how to appeal to her just the way she likes it.

  • INTJ: People with this personality type prefer a planned relationship built around a certain criteria. Be direct and honest with them, in both words and deeds, and maybe you’ll find yourself with a bride to be.
  • INTP: They are typically shy and withdrawn so she will allow you to make the first move. And when you do, she will surely reciprocate the effort. Plus points when you meet her halfway with logic and simplicity.
  • ENTJ: She may prefer to take the leading role, especially because she is never out of energy, and you must be able to keep up in the relationship. She is dynamic so be prepared.
  • ENTP: For her, growth is very important. She is curious and will want to experience new things with you. Be exciting and appeal to her love of intellectual exploration, and you are practically set for life.
  • INFJ: She is an idealist ultimately looking for depth and meaning in a relationship. Be authentic, warm and caring, and share your insights — she will greatly appreciate it.
  • INFP: They are the true hopeless romantics who are in pursuit of the perfect relationship. Appeal to her creativity and allow her to walk with you as you search for each other’s growth.
  • ENFJ: She has her eyes on the endgame. (Would you need any other dating advice for men if you can keep her?) She also relies on conversations about mutual feelings so remember to express that happiness through visible affection.
  • ENFP: It’s a relationship of mutual exploration and imagination, connecting with another soul. With unshakable devotion, she will willingly experiment with you.
  • ISTJ: Reserved, responsible and with conservative methods of dating, she is someone who will stick to their promises to the very end.
  • ISFJ: Caring is her primary trait, partnered with sensitivity. You may have to break down her emotional defenses to experience her incredibly strong feelings.
  • ESTJ: She will be clear about who she is and what she likes. Get to know her by respecting her voice — and she might add you to her long-term plans.
  • ESFJ: Dating is serious business for her. You must be able to satisfy each other’s mutual needs while letting her know that she is loved and appreciated.
  • ISTP: She is flighty so don’t attempt to control them. Also know that she is hardly traditional when it comes to dating.
  • ISFP: She prefers to listen than to express, and may not be a great long-term planner. Her appreciation will show when you accept her as she is.
  • ESTP: These women are fun and great at improvisations in life and in relationships. You will have to keep up with her enthusiasm and unpredictability.
  • ESFP: Her type of relationship will be one that is bubbling with a hint of unpredictability. Be prepared to pull out some new and exciting activities up your sleeves and remember to be open minded.

Move on from first-look assumptions and allow yourself to be at the top of your game with this personality type guide. Sign up now and apply what you’ve learned from this article to the single Ukrainian girl you can meet here on our site. You’ll never know, you can easily be moving from “dating tips for new relationships” to “tips in making a relationship last.”

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