Dating Advice | 5 Sure Signs That She’s Not Into You

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This dating advice will teach you to understand her behavior. Now, you’ll know if she’s still into you or not.

No one wants to invest in a business venture that will not see profit in the future. It’s basically a huge waste of time, effort and capital. The same goes for any man committing to a romantic relationship — there must be an assurance that the dedication and love he puts in is given importance and, of course, reciprocated.

So how can you say that she’s the one for you, the one who will stand beside you until the end? Do her actions make the warning bells inside you ring? If you’re unsure about the status of your relationship, then you’ve come to the right place!

In this dating advice especially made for men, we’ll show you the 5 sure signs that - as painful as this may sound - she’s no longer into you:

  1. Physical touch is few and far between.
    Even at any stage in the relationship, there should always be some sort of physical connection between partners. This may include a simple brush of the hands that will make her blush and giddy, to passionate kisses and of course, sex.
    While others may argue that a healthy relationship must not solely revolve around sex, experts say that physical intimacy is a vital component for any romantic relationship to last.
    So if you notice that she’s distant from you and doesn’t long for your touch at all, chances are, she’s not into you. This is one of the most easily identifiable signs of a love that’s at the brink of falling apart.
  2. She finds an excuse to not go out with you.
    She’s tired, she’s got something else to do, she can’t find time for you. It’s obviously excusable if she does this a few times or if there is truly an acceptable reason to call for a raincheck. But if she can’t make time for a date or a simple time together, you can safely assume that she really doesn’t want to.
  3. We all know that one foundation of a strong romantic relationship is the effort put into it from both parties. If it’s only coming from your side, maybe it’s time to actually step out and invest your dedication to something or someone else who knows reciprocity.
  4. She doesn’t engage in a conversation with you.
    Love must make you grow and push you to become a better version of yourself. Sharing ideas and challenging each other’s long-held beliefs are easy ways to know more about your partner and deepen the connection of the relationship. However, if you can’t even bring her into a light, flirty banter, how would you expect her to open up with her deepest thoughts and feelings?
    Whether through text or personal conversation, if she can’t give you more than a nod or one-syllable replies, then she’s not interested in whatever you have to say. At the very least, such action is disrespectful and hurtful in a relationship like yours.
  5. She refuses to make plans with you.
    Your relationship will not go forward if there aren't any talks about the future. And if she can’t imagine a beautiful and satisfying tomorrow with you, that relationship isn’t meant to last long.
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  6. She mentions her previous relationships.
    And not as a passing comment on her past, but as a conversation topic with you or your friends. She may even start to compare what she had before to what she experiences with you now. It becomes even worse when she mentions the “possibilities” she might have had with another if she didn’t have you.
    Seriously, this only means she has regrets in your relationship. And you will have the same if you still continue this with her.

While these signs might be grave offenses to your relationship, attempt to communicate clearly with her still and find a way to fix things. Sometimes, there are issues that aren’t as obvious as you’d expect.

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