Dating Advice | Signs That You Are More Than Just A Friend To Her

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Find out if she truly likes you with this dating advice.

It is way easier to know if a woman doesn’t like you than when she does. Why? Because the signs are there, clear as day. She finds a way to not be together with you, she misses on calls, or she won’t say yes to another date night.

With all the obvious signs that women give off when they’re not into you, it makes it really easy to know when to back off. You have to be really dense or simply in denial if you won’t acknowledge that a romantic relationship between you two isn’t possible.

On the flip side, does this mean that you will automatically know when she truly does like you back? Well, we say yes — as long as you see these signs from her! Looks like it’s time to update your social media status.

  1. She confirms it.
    While we are talking about the obvious, here’s one sure way to know that you are more than just a friend to her — she tells you so! We don’t recommend overanalyzing things on your own because this can lead to unnecessary anxiety and misinterpreted signs.
    If you want to know — can’t sit idly by waiting for the verdict — simply ask her. There is no harm in that, and she will actually appreciate the gesture of you being direct, clear and intentional on where the relationship stands. Further, this can open up a chance to talk things over.
  2. She wants you to be a part of her inner circle.
    Meeting other important people in her life is one other way to know if she considers you something special. For most people, friends and family are two of the most valuable relationships they have, and being in one of hers is a sure sign that you are moving up fine along the so-called romantic relationship stages. You’re in.
  3. She is physically affectionate with you.
    While there are people who freely use physical contact as a way to show people they are comfortable with them, a woman who is into you reciprocates only your touches and will even initiate some by herself. Usually, simple hand-holding will progress into hugs, kisses and more. You can’t deny this isn’t a definite sign that she thinks of you as more than a friend.
  4. She mentions you on her social media accounts.
    In this modern age, posting even a single photo of you in her account is the same as saying you are one thing she appreciates and something she wouldn't regret looking back years from now.
    She wants to see you together, and she obviously thinks you two look good together. The only new element is that she’s claiming it for the virtual world to see.
  5. She talks about everything with you.
    When she’s able to share thoughts and feelings that may be awkward to others, you can believe that she considers you as a special confidant whom she can trust. There is a connection between you that is more than what she has with her other friends or family. Looks like congratulations is in order.

Dating can be a whirlwind of experiences, both fun and frightening. And it can be tough to know if what you have is true love or simple interest. But with this dating advice, you can be sure of your next course of action, whether to move forward or move onward. In any case, we wish you happiness and success!

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