Ukraine Culture: Know These Facts to Impress Ukrainian Women

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Here's how knowing a few cultural things will help you impress your Ukrainian woman.

Nothing impresses a woman more than a man’s dedication to pursuing her.

Fortunately, as a lover, you’re able to go above and more for your lady. You can give her everything, whether it’s spending more time with her or buying her presents.

But it’s not just about how much you can offer when it comes to interracial dating and relationships. Because when you come from diverse cultural traditions, mistakes are inevitable, and even minor ones can quickly make things go bad.

That’s why you should think about learning both the basics and essential details of the person you’re trying to please, so you don’t fail in the dating game.

Especially if the woman you’re seeing is from Ukraine.

What is the reason for this?

Let’s say you get a date with the lady.

You buy flowers because you don’t want to face her empty-handed – the prettiest bunch of yellow Ranunculus because you heard they mean, “You are very, very pretty.”

You can bet she’ll adore them! But, to your delight, she laughs at the end. Worse, she’ll tell her friends about the story, and they’ll all be laughing at you.

Now, you’re in bed, disheartened and unsure of what went wrong.

Was it the restaurant’s fault? But, it is the best in town. Maybe it had something to do with your appearance? Or was it how you smelled?

It could be either of them, or it could be none of the options mentioned.

Maybe, she’s old-fashioned

No! Don’t worry, this doesn’t mean you picked the wrong girl!

You’re all right. She’s fine.

It’s not just her – it’s her relatives, family, and neighbors – the majority of Ukrainians are also old-fashioned, which only means they are very traditional.

Even if much of their practices are strange, and you’d think they wouldn’t follow them now that times have changed, Ukrainian rituals and beliefs remain an important part of their society.

So how does this relate to the flower situation?

It’s simple.

Cluelessness: The downright case of being unmindful and oblivious about Ukrainian customs and how it can affect your relationship, and here’s how.


Cluelessness: The complete unawareness of Ukrainian traditions and how they can affect your relationship, and here’s how.

It’s all about how you give what you give

Gift-giving is an important aspect of Ukrainian culture. They feel extremely grateful when people give them gifts as an expression of gratitude and admiration.

Flowers are one of the first things that come to mind when we think of presents, especially for romantic occasions. They are one of the most successful and widely used methods to impress women.

And beautiful Ukrainian women adore them!

Yet, keeping their culture in mind, you can’t just depend on the elegance of the flora. You should also consider how and in what style you would present them.

A woman holding a bouquet.
Flowers don’t just symbolize beauty in Ukrainian dating, so be careful about what kind you give.
  • The number of flowers in a bouquet should be odd

For a non-Ukrainian, this may seem to be a naive and ridiculous belief, but it is often better to be sensitive than not at all.

If you’re going to give her a bunch of roses, make sure they’re ALWAYS in odd numbers.

An even number of flowers is used for funerals and to symbolize grievances in Ukrainian society. Unless you’re mourning for the date, you shouldn’t buy two, four, six — you get the idea, roses.

So, if you’re going out on a date and want to give her a bouquet, get her roses or daisies, just make sure the number is odd!

You don’t want her to associate dating her with an impending funeral.

  • Carnations are an absolute no-no

Aside from being careful about the amount, you should also consider the type of flower you would be offering. Since there is only one distinct form, this should be simple to note.

Carnations aren’t for romance; they’re for veterans.

Stick to your poppies, or red tulips if you want to give your lady red flowers to symbolize your passion, but not those red flower cloves.

What else should you think about?

  • Yellow flowers aren’t particularly romantic

Yellow is a lovely color, right? It represents joy, warmth and hope. However for Ukrainian people, receiving a yellow flower isn’t such a lovely experience.

Giving someone yellow flowers is akin to bidding them goodbye, and you don’t want your woman to believe you’re doing that.

Put yourself in the shoes of the woman.

You get ready for a date, look beautiful and feel wonderful, but instead you receive a yellow bouquet, which you grew up thinking was a parting gift. What will you feel?

Obviously, you would not be in a good mood.

General principles you should be aware of

Let’s move on to more general concepts regarding Ukrainian culture that can help you please your woman. What else should you be aware of if you’re dating a Ukrainian girl?

  • You should take the lead

While the country is increasingly becoming more modern, and Ukrainian women are working hard to become much more self-sufficient, society still requires men to wear the pants, especially in relationships.

Make yourself the captain, and a gentleman at that.

Dating in Ukraine, you will need to budget for it, as well as any upcoming events and takeouts, since the idea of dutch is still in the works in the country.

To put it simply, when dealing with Ukrainian ladies, you must be a gentleman.

Not only financially, but also by making small movements like opening doors for them and assisting them in putting on or taking off their jackets.

  • Direct communication is important

Ukrainians value honesty and openness in others because they are open and truthful themselves. You can rely on a Ukrainian to convey the message frankly, whether it’s to criticize or compliment someone.

So, if you’re on a date with a Ukrainian lady, she won’t like it if you’re meek and timid during the chat. When you talk, be open, and assertive.

Couple holding hands and smiling at each other.
Effort impresses a woman more than anything else.

What you need to do is learn

Being culturally aware and intelligent is, above all, a surefire way to attract Ukrainian people.

Take the opportunity to read more about her history, as it has shaped her interests and identity. And what better way to pique her interest than to understand the intricacies that other people won’t bother to learn about?

It won’t matter whether she practices or believes in those concepts. She will undoubtedly be thankful and be moved by the attempt you’ve made to learn about them.

Remember culture has a major impact on our lives. So, if you’re dating someone whose culture is foreign to you, pay attention and make an attempt to understand it.

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