How to Gauge the Interest of Ukrainian Women

Dating Ukrainian Women
Make your timing and moves work in sync by learning how to gauge the interest of Ukrainian women.

Have you ever thought about going to Ukraine and getting into a relationship with a foreign woman? Ever consider that your odds with Ukrainian women are pretty good?

No one can deny the beauty of women in Ukraine. They’re simply beautiful in a lot of ways, and there’s no reason why you can’t fall for one. When it comes to dating and relationships, these ladies from Ukraine are absolutely sought after by many Western men. Do you think you could be one of them?

Understanding how women show interest to men will make your Ukrainian experience much easier.

Dating in Ukraine is quite different from dating women from the West. You’ll see how these ladies have strict preferences when it comes to men, and most of the time, adhere to the norms of the Ukrainian dating culture.

Before marrying a Ukrainian woman, it’s helpful to know that they are traditional. Gender roles are still important in relationships. Women are expected to be homemakers, focusing on the needs and welfare of the family. Men, on the other hand, should be providers for the household.

All these factored in, here’s how you can be effective when dating beautiful Ukrainian women:

Approaching Ukrainian Women

You may find it confusing when you look in her direction and her smile fades. It’s also hard for you to understand how she avoids making eye contact.

Most women refrain for initiating the first interaction with men. Apparently, they wait and stick around until a guy they like approaches them first. Ukrainian women are no exception.

When men are interested in a woman, they'll often start a conversation while being mindful of her personal space. A Ukrainian girl may rarely come face to face with a man expressing interest due to the imbalance between women and men in Ukraine.

Sure, there are plenty of guys sending random messages on date sites, but women love a man brave enough to approach them face to face.

In the dating world, one way to attract women is to stand out from the crowd. Be unique by being genuine. Know that you don’t have to be necessarily different, but rather be someone interesting.

If you’re fond of watching movies, you might realize how they portray attracting women as easy, when in fact, they aren’t. No matter how much men wish women to be direct about how they feel, it still doesn’t make them approach men first. Why?

One reason. Fear. Just like men, women are also afraid of making the first move. So when you’re around with Ukrainian women, muster up your confidence and approach her the way you should.

Importance of Keeping Ukrainian Women Interested

Relationships aren’t just all fun. You don’t stay in love today and suddenly fall out of it the next day. A love life this fragile will likely end up a short term fling rather than being a long term relationship.

If it does, it only happens to cowardly people.

To make a relationship last, it needs more than just love. Patience, respect, trust, and intimacy are all other important aspects. However, without interest, a relationship might not suffice.

People in long term relationships get used to each other in the long run. Stability exists and can make two people give less effort day by day.

Without enough interest, both partners may easily be swayed to things that could break them apart. But what good does it do to keep a partner interested? Here are some:

  • it helps maintain intimacy in a relationship
  • it helps in meeting the needs (affection, time, attention, and care) of both partners
  • it strengthens the attraction between a couple
  • it makes the relationship happier
  • it establishes comfort

Signs to Tell Slavic Women Are Interested

There are many ways to tell whether a woman is interested in you or not. You may even get it wrong or mixed up. You might think she’s interested when after all, she was just being polite. Or it could be the other way around.

So how do you gauge the interest of Ukrainian women? Below are some clear signs of female attraction:

She smiles at you.

A smile can mean anything. But when a woman is interested in you, she’ll definitely flash her pearls at you. If you see her smiling more than usual with your company, that’s your cue.

She avoids being caught looking at you.

If a woman truly likes you, she’ll definitely look at you for no reason. Or simply just out of pure admiration. But when you glance in her way and she avoids locking eyes, then leave no room for doubt of her interest in you.

She looks straight into your eyes when talking.

You finally approach her this time. You make comments about the weather and she adds how good it’d be to enjoy some Ukrainian crepes (Nalysnyky). While she was speaking, you noticed how she looked you straight in the eyes. There you have it, she’s definitely interested in you!

She tilts her head towards you.

This is one of the easiest forms of body language to understand from women. You see, when they interact with a man they like, they show interest by tilting their head towards him.

She’s running fingers through her hair.

When a woman runs her fingers through her hair in your presence, that’s one sure way to tell she’s interested. She may tend to play with it or curl it around while speaking or doing things with you.

She turns towards you.

If you’re with a group of friends and laughing at the same joke together, she’ll look at you. Even if you’re not interacting with each other directly, if she’s interested, she’ll look at you and you only.

She laughs at almost every word you say.

It can be safe to expect that not all Ukrainian women will understand your humor. Even if you tell a joke that falls flat, a woman who’s interested will laugh as if it was funny. Be sure to stay away from jokes about mail order brides. Such a thing will surely result in a very bad experience for you and the woman.

She lightly touches you on the arm or shoulder.

She is dropping hints for you to make a move on her. What are you waiting for? She’s interested in you, and there’s no reason for you to delay it any longer!

Make It Better By Being Better

There are many more ways for you to test the interest of Ukrainian women. Spending time together is one of those things, and being the best man that you can be is, too.

Staying interested in each other maintains a healthy relationship. As much as everyone wants to achieve this, one has to strive together with a partner for it to be made possible.

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