How to Land a Date With Ukrainian Women from Kiev

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Find out how you can increase your chances of impressing and eventually landing a date with gorgeous Ukrainian women.

Ukrainian women, especially those from Kiev, are undoubtedly among the most beautiful women on the face of the planet. Their elegance and charm can definitely catch any man’s attention. The plethora of endearing qualities that they possess have bachelors from across the globe lining up to try and win a date with one of these ladies. Scoring a first date with these girls, however, will take more than just good looks and smooth talk.

If you are not that familiar with Kiev’s dating culture, you may find wooing Ukrainian ladies a bit difficult. These women observe a set of customary dating practices that are completely different from that of Western countries. Although the basic rules of dating etiquette will certainly help you out, there are still a few quirks in the Ukrainian dating culture, which may potentially create a conflict with Western men. Hence, here are three points that will help you in your romantic endeavor with Ukrainian women:

  • Your Looks - First thing’s first: Dress to impress! You must be mindful of your fashion if you’re trying to land a date with Ukrainian women in Kiev. The first thing that women see in men before they even approach is how they look. Since you’re trying to impress and land a date with Kiev women, one of the best ways to do so is to dress sharply.

    Ukraine women are exquisitely elegant with a very discerning taste. These women are impressed by men who know how to tastefully mix and match simple yet elegant clothing. You don’t need to binge shop designer clothes to impress them. Simple everyday clothes that work well together can already catch Ukrainian women’s attention. You can also try to look up the latest fashion trends in Kiev, which usually constitute straight-cut clothing and neutral earth tones.

    As much as dressing sharply is a good thing, changing your wardrobe is not necessary. You need to keep in mind that looks isn’t everything for these women. But somehow, the way you dress is more than just a fashion statement, it’s a reflection of how well you take care of your hygiene, health and other aspects of your life.
  • Your Approach - If you think about smooth-talking your way in dating Ukraine women in Kiev, you might want to rethink that strategy. Cheesy pickup lines may work in the U.S., but not with these women. What gets them the most is an assertive man. Someone who’s confident in himself but at the same time polite and respectful.

    You need to be cautious in initiating the first move, though. There’s a fine line separating assertiveness and aggressiveness. You don’t want to be too forward with your approach.

    The way you approach Kiev women can make or break your chances in scoring a date with one. So make sure that when you ask these ladies out on a date, you are confident and courteous at the same time.
  • Your Actions - Chivalry may be dead in most parts of the globe, but not in Ukraine, it seems. Chivalry is a quality that Kiev women look for in men. Simple gestures like opening the doors, carrying her bag and pulling the chair for her at the dinner table will certainly go a long way when dating in Kiev.

    Chivalrous and gentleman-like behavior is a valued quality in Ukrainian dating culture. Thus, possessing these attributes could really favor your chances of impressing Ukraine ladies.

We could come up with a litany of tips on how to impress Ukrainian women, but all of it will be invalidated if you don’t stay true to yourself. These women are very discerning and meticulous in choosing their men. They can tell if you are just putting a pretense or if you are being your most authentic self. After all, what these women from Kiev truly care about is sincerity and genuineness.

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