Is She Into Me Or Is She Just Bored?

“Is she genuinely interested in me? Or is she just texting me out of boredom?”

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Things have only been going on for about a month between you, so it’s hard to tell which is which — is she serious about you, or is she just bored and playing games with you?

Here are a few glaring indications that she might just be bored and using you as her pastime:

  • She doesn’t start conversations unless it’s late.

  • She never runs out of excuses.

  • She gets back to you after hours.

  • She lets the conversation die fast.

On the other hand, there’s a good chance she’s talking to you because she finds you interesting. Here are a few positive signs to look out for:

She quickly responds to your messages.

Whether you’re sending her a “good morning” or “what are you up to” text, she almost always instantly replies. She’s eager to talk to you at whatever time of the day.

She makes sure to get you informed.

Some days aren’t the same for either of you – she gets free days and she also has busy days. When the latter happens, she gives you a heads up even if she’s not obligated to. She lets you know what she’s up to and doesn’t leave you hanging.

She tries to make plans with you.

You may not be into texting that much, so she tries to make plans with you as much as she can – may it be doing things together online or in person. She also makes sure to remind you of your plans in case you might forget.

She tells you random things.

She texts you her thoughts, even the most mundane and weird ones. It’s a good kind of weird, nothing that can lead to sexual conversations. She talks about her dreams, what she’s passionate about, etc.

She laughs at your corny jokes.

It may be an indication that she likes you if she laughs at your jokes or when she shares funny stories with you. It’s even a greater hint if she makes inside jokes that only the two of you can understand. It makes your bond even more intimate.

She lets you know when she’s about to sleep.

This is just as good as her morning texts.

Being the first person she talks to is one thing, but being the last person means you’re the last thing on her mind before he drifts off to sleep.

She compliments you back.

couple on bed

Women genuinely compliment the men they are interested in. They amplify the positive traits of the men they like to boost their confidence. Also, the way they compliment you could be a good indicator. A woman who likes you says more than just “okay” and “alright.” She makes sure to define you with the best words there are.

The best confirmation is her words.

These tips may be useful, but the best way to know that she really is into you is when she actually says it. Actions may speak louder, but words confirm.

It’s understandable to assume things, but it’s not completely harmless. It’d be best to ask her straightforwardly about where the relationship could lead and let her know that you’re the kind of man who doesn’t appreciate mixed signals.

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