5 Jobs Men Take That Impress Women

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It’s not about being materialistic or only after the money. Having a stable job implies that you are independent, mature, and responsible — qualities that make up for a perfect partner or husband.

And, frankly speaking, no woman in her right mind would choose an unemployed man over a man with a high-paying job.

To give you a better picture, here are five male professions that many women find attractive and interesting.


There’s only a handful of men who dare become pilots. In the US alone, less than one percent of the population are licensed pilots. They had to undergo intensive training and master specific skills. Not to mention, their work schedule changes mostly during the last minutes.

But the responsibility of flying hundreds of people across oceans and mountains comes with enviable perks. They travel — a lot, have a really good salary, and, for some reason, pilots look hot and commanding in their uniforms.

No wonder pilots can woo women without even trying.


Women love dating men who cook well, so it’s only natural that they get attracted to chefs.

Not every man knows how to cook. It’s understandable since cooking used to be a female-dominated territory. Hence, male chefs have a different ring to women. There’s a different appeal when they cook better and dominate the kitchen.

Like men, the stomach is also the way to a woman’s heart.


Doctors perform one of the hardest jobs in the world — one that requires commitment, intelligence, and a tough spirit. They spend almost half their lives studying to save human lives. It’s stressful beyond imagination, but they manage to stay calm and empathize with their patients.

Despite living half of their lives in hospitals and clinics, women find satisfaction in dating these intelligent and driven men. The profession doesn’t only impress many women but also earns their respect.


Businessmen know what they want in life. They are fearless, creative, resilient, and have goals they will achieve whatever the cost and risk. They’re not only independent and mature, but they’re also stable in almost all aspects — financially, mentally, and emotionally.

Running a business and managing employees requires a clear vision and strong leadership skills. As such, nothing attracts women more than men who know what they want and have clear plans for the future.


Musicians, especially those in bands, are infamous for hooking up with different women. Women, on the other hand, would kill to land a rockstar boyfriend. They either love the thrill of dating an artist or want to have a song written about them.

Either way, men in bands are among the most passionate beings. As long as they can express themselves in songs, monetary success doesn’t matter much. Their burning passion may be the reason women get attracted to them.

Career-oriented men

The professions above give off the implication that men working those jobs are goal-oriented, passionate, and have a clear vision of what they want. Ultimately, whatever your profession is, as long as you possess these qualities, you will attract women.

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