Are Ukrainian Women Prone to One Sided Relationships?

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Know how to avoid being in one sided relationships with Ukrainian women.

Even with Ukrainian women, there is no such thing as a perfect relationship.

These ladies know that misunderstandings, fights, and a whole lot of patience and resolve are normal to have in any romantic relationship. However, if they feel that their partner is no longer interested, they don’t stick around to be some sort of martyr.

The same goes for western men, or any man for that matter, who wishes to date beautiful Ukrainian women.

As such, granting you still have the same fiery passion as before, how would you know if your relationship with a Ukrainian lady has become one sided?

The first thing you need to have is acceptance. If you start to notice some red flags in your relationship, maybe it’s time for you to find someone who sees your worth. Putting in more effort in noticing the little things could go a long way.

Staying in a relationship that is clearly one sided can take a toll on you, both emotionally and physically. For one, it is mentally draining. The mind games that your partner is playing can be downright sinister and uncalled for.

Accepting that there is indeed a problem is the first step in fixing the relationship – or saving yourself from it. However, acceptance is only half of the solution, and knowing the signs is only half the battle. At the end of the day, you will have to confront your partner about it.

To find out if you are in a one sided relationship with a Ukrainian woman, here are some signs to be mindful of:

1. She keeps making excuses.

When Ukrainian girls seem to always have a reason to justify what they have done or are about to do, they might be hiding something unpleasant. Such a relationship is unhealthy and will only lead to further distrust in the future.

2. You apologize more than you should.

When you find yourself apologizing for things that you shouldn’t even be apologizing for, it's a clear sign that your relationship is one sided. You shouldn’t be in a situation where just about everything you do is a mistake, especially when you always have to apologize for it. Don’t allow your partner to guilt-trip you for even the simplest of things. If she keeps on doing this, it only means that she finds comfort in your misery.

3. She doesn’t compromise.

The most important thing that should exist in every relationship is compromise. With this, couples are able to balance out their needs, wants, and desires. If she only thinks of her own, it could mean that she wants to dominate you and force you to only focus on her wants and needs. A toxic relationship usually starts when one refuses to compromise, and that’s what you should be cautious of when you start dating Ukrainian women.

4. You constantly beg for attention.

No one who is in a relationship should ever beg for attention. Doing so only means that your partner does not care about you enough to make you feel you are getting the attention you deserve.

5. She doesn’t initiate.

Initiation is not only limited to communication. It can also be in planning something for the future or doing things together. When you are always the one initiating, it goes to show that your Ukrainian lady is slowly losing interest in spending time with you.

6. She could care less about relationship issues.

Fights between couples are normal. It’s a sign that you care for each other, which is why you usually want to make up for it. A Ukrainian woman who doesn't even make a little effort to resolve a fight can mean that she simply doesn’t care anymore. Giving importance to issues that affect your relationship is needed for you to find a resolution.

7. She does the exact opposite of what you ask.

When you ask her to do something, even with her best interest in mind, yet she keeps on doing the exact opposite, she’s clearly being selfish and unreasonable. You should only allow her to test your patience a few times, not every day.

8. You feel lacking.

Always remember that the reason why we want to be in a relationship is so we can be happy. If you are romantically involved with someone and you feel that you are always lacking, then it’s most likely a one sided relationship. Your partner thrives on making you feel less of yourself when, in reality, you are more than enough.

9. Everything is always your fault.

There is no clearer sign of a one sided relationship than when she always thinks that everything is your fault. She doesn’t hesitate to blame you for anything that goes wrong, leading you back to where you are forced to constantly apologize.

Having An Equal Partnership With Ukrainian Women

When dating Ukrainian women, it’s best to be aware of when you are in a one sided relationship with one. Otherwise, you’d be in a constant struggle not just with your partner, but also with yourself.

You should know by now that only you have the power to change your situation. By knowing your self-worth, you are putting yourself first before anyone else, and you will find that accepting the situation is much easier.

It’s possible that any sign of a one sided relationship isn’t entirely because of your partner. You can be equally at fault if you continue to tolerate her behavior even when the signs are clear. Save yourself from the trouble of having to go through the hardships of such a relationship, and simply move on while it’s still early.

In the end, you should realize that you can’t create a happy relationship when you almost always feel miserable. There are thousands of Ukraine singles for you to date, it’s just a matter of knowing your relationship needs and determining if the one you’re dating shares the same goals.

Do not limit yourself to a person who doesn’t see your worth. Familiarizing yourself with the Ukrainian dating culture is always a good start. With that, you’ll be able to gauge the interest of Ukrainian women and make sure you don’t end up being in a one sided relationship with one.

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