Are Ukrainian Women Open to Long Distance Relationships?

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Learn more about what it’s like to be in a long distance relationship with Ukrainian women.

Based on a 2015 study of population statistics by Knoema®, there are 86.09 males in every 100 females in Ukraine. That’s quite a difference, isn’t it?

As the years progress, the number of Ukrainian men becomes less than that of Ukrainian women. Several factors have caused this, and one of the indisputable effects this leads to is the phenomenon of Ukrainian ladies looking for foreign men to marry.

With the surge of different dating apps making their way into the world of international dating, long distance relationships have become rampant. But one of the biggest questions up to this day would be, “Are Ukrainian women open to long distance relationships?”

That has long been answered. Yes, Ukrainian women have been open to long distance relationships for a number of years now. Even if there are all kinds of pros and cons of marrying a Ukrainian woman, settling down with one would always be worth it.

So why not go out there and seek your future bride? Don’t think twice about whether you have a chance or not. Clearly, being involved in a long distance relationship is not new to these ladies anymore. If you’re curious, here’s why:

1. They are patient.

Most Ukrainian women can easily adapt to varying situations and ways of life. If they are interested in you and decide to willingly pursue you, patience is the first thing they will show while waiting for you.

May it be a number of years before you’ll officially be together, trust that there is no problem with them waiting. Learn to stay connected with a Ukrainian lady by maintaining a stable relationship, and the rest will go smoothly.

2. They are open-minded.

These women do not limit themselves to their country’s boundaries. With that being said, a good many of them turn to foreign dating sites to seek a lifetime partner among men from different cultures.

They are known to be the kind of people who are very much interested in learning and trying out new things. There's no doubt that they will welcome your culture openly. With no setbacks or reservations, you can easily connect with your lady through this.

3. Adverse demographic factors.

According to the population ratio of men and women in Ukraine, there is an imbalance between the two. As there are more women than men, the chances of meeting a potential partner among fellow countrymen have decreased.

In addition, rampant social problems are arising in the country. Some of these include drinking and drugs, a disastrous combination for women. In worst case scenarios, men tend to be aggressive when under the influence, resulting in high cases of domestic violence. Sad to know these sweet women experience this kind of thing, right?

4. Financial security.

When people settle down with the love of their life, financial stability is one of the most important factors to consider. Surely you would not want to live a life with unwanted struggles.

Basically, Ukrainian men who can support themselves are getting rarer in Ukraine, which is why the ladies meet and date Western men as they can see a brighter future with them.

5. Romance and courtship.

Ukrainian women, by nature, seek romance in relationships. Of course, every woman wants to feel romance, right? Marrying a Ukrainian woman would surely unleash the inner ‘Romeo’ in you.

If you are truly interested in being with your lady, then do the things that would make both of you happy.

6. Deeper sense of living.

Most women in Ukraine believe that being involved with men from a different culture would help them learn deeper things, and it could even give them a new perspective in life.

Spending time with their man, they look forward to experiencing things that are very much different to the culture they grew up with. They also anticipate understanding things on a whole new level, like knowing what it's like to be in somebody else’s shoes.

7. Gender inequality.

One sad reality currently overtaking women in Ukraine is the fact that there is no gender equality. Over the years, a Ukrainian woman will portray the role of being in the kitchen, making her family's house a home, looking after her husband, and bearing children to care for.

Being in such a predicament, Ukrainian women have decided to seek a change in their lives. Wanting to go outside the norms, they look for men who will see and treat them differently, and perhaps with more equality.

8. Long term relationship.

Commitment is something that is natural to Ukrainian ladies, and they look for long term relationships knowing that love, security, and commitment are what they can offer.

Given the reality that Ukrainian women encounter, one main reason they date foreign men is they want a long term relationship, which is the kind that they cannot find at home.

Work It!

Make your long distance relationship work by never settling for less. If you think you are giving your best to her, think twice and reevaluate. For a woman who sincerely wants to be with you, you should be able to do the same for her. Don’t put her in a situation where she has to doubt what you feel for her.

There are so many Ukraine women for marriage you can meet. You are guaranteed a lifelong partner who’s going to be by your side. Give the right amount of affection and avoid the things that would hurt your partner's feelings. Show her that you are not like the rest of the men who are unkind and ungrateful.

Offer her the world that she longs to live in. Teach her things that she hasn’t experienced and encountered before. Support her with what she plans and wants to do while maintaining a good relationship with her.

Do keep in mind that you should be certain with yourself as to how you want to be in a long distance relationship. Certainly not everyone can pull this off and make it successful. Not everyone can commit as they promised to as well. Simply have a sincere and compassionate heart, and everything will be in favor of you as you find love among Ukrainian women.

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