What National Lover’s Day Can Teach You About Successful Relationships

Successful relationships require a lot of work. Before you can get to a point where you can safely say to each other “I love you,” you have to make sure that you’re trusting your heart with the right person.

While the term “successful relationship” is very broad, we can easily identify them through these hallmarks:

Contentment. Happiness. Longevity. Growth.

couple on bed
The key on how to have successful relationships relies on qualities such as longevity or growth.

There’s no one size fits all formula on how to have successful relationships. Every couple has their own unique relationship dynamics. They tackle their problems in unique ways that eventually work out for them in the end.

They make progress and eventually reach a point where they can comfortably say that they are in a happy and healthy relationship.

This coming National Lover’s Day, which is celebrated on April 23, is the perfect time for you to know the key to what makes a relationship successful. It is a celebration that encourages lovers to remember what they have to be grateful for.

In relationships, you can’t help but make mistakes at times. It’s an essential part of being human. What you can take away from these mistakes, however, are these very valuable life lessons:

Always Have Time for Yourself

Being in a relationship doesn’t mean spending time with your partner 24/7. Every couple needs some breathing space and time for themselves.

Being apart from each other for a short while doesn’t mean they will leave you. Abandonment issues or not, you need to be able to understand that even the most steadfast of couples need some me time.

You have a life to live and so does your partner. Sacrificing your time together for personal reasons won’t bring an end to your relationship.

Be Realistic

The problem with new relationships is that they have too many expectations. When that expectation is not met, they lose motivation to pursue the relationship.

The world is not black and white. There’s no such thing as being ultimately good and ultimately bad.

You can’t expect to have a perfect partner. Your partner has their own flaws and strengths.

You also have to be realistic enough to call them out whenever they are wrong, no matter how much you love them.

Partners are supposed to encourage you to be a better person. They’re not supposed to enable your bad habits or tendencies. Don’t be afraid to

Don't Make Your Partner Responsible for Your Happiness

You rely on your partner to cheer you up every once in a while. But when done too often, this can affect your partner as well.

Everyone needs to find other things that keep them happy besides their better half. You wouldn’t want to burden your partner with the responsibility of being the sunshine in the relationship.

Find out what personally makes you happy. You have a life apart from your partner, live it.

Communication is the Key, Consistency is Your Path

Time and time again, every single relationship blog you read on the internet will say that “Communication is the Key.”

Indeed it is true. But once you’ve opened the door, what’s next?

This is when consistency comes in. When you are consistent in the little things you do such as keeping your promises or following relationship habits, you prove to your partner that you are trusted and loyal.

Consistency is what keeps your relationship safe and secure. Even successful relationships that start off rocky can still make it through if you are consistent enough.

couple on the kitchen
Successful relationships that started off rocky can still be considered a successful relationship.

You Have the Right to Be Mad

There are some times when you get really upset at your partner and you don’t feel like talking to them for the next couple of days.

You have the right to be mad at your partner if you are insulted or mistreated. What’s important is that you don’t make terrible decisions while you’re angry.

You can’t help what you feel, and holding it back out of consideration of your partner won’t make it any better. Don’t try to force yourself to be ok. All you need is some time to vent and cool off before you confront your partner.

You Can Put Yourself First

You are not obligated to sacrifice your own needs and want to keep your partner. Doing this will create an imbalance in your relationship, where one has to change in order to catch up to the demands of others.

It’s ok to put yourself first. Your partner is there to support you, not complete you. You don’t have to wait for their go signal. You are capable of making decisions for yourself.

But you can’t make it all about yourself all the time. You have to take careful considerations as well.

Effort is a Must

It takes two to tango. And in a relationship, you both have to be 100% in it or else there wouldn’t be any point in going on.

It’s like a cycle. To keep you motivated, you have to put in effort. For you to put in effort, you have to be motivated.

Don’t Tiptoe Around Conflicts

Issues are inevitable in relationships. There are some that can be easily taken care of and some that can be intimidating to deal with.

Skirting around the issue won’t achieve anything. These issues will only grow bigger and will eventually come back to haunt you.

No matter how small or big your problems are, deal with them immediately. You’ll be thankful you did

Small Things Do Matter

Successful relationships are built on meeting each other’s emotional needs. When you feel validated and understood by your partner, you grow more attached to them.

Simple gestures such as holding your partner’s bag for them or picking them up from work can go a long way. It’s little things like these that make them feel loved and supported.

Be as sappy and as mushy as you want to be, even if others will call you obnoxious. There’s nothing wrong with showing a little extra love to your partner whenever you feel like it.

So don’t be afraid to express all your love this coming National Lover’s Day. Use this opportunity to show your lover exactly how much you love and appreciate them.

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