Why Do Ukrainian Women Want to Move to the US?

One of the questions that can be annoying for Ukrainian women now is when they are asked about their obsession with moving to the US. This is one of the stereotypes you often hear about Slavic women who join an international marriage agency. Everyone thinks that Kiev women are dating foreign men because they are their tickets toward greener pastures.

While there are also other foreign men who think that they can find a wife by easily buying a mail order wife. This is one of the lies people believe. For sure, no woman in her right mind will ever want to be sold as a wife to a foreign man she doesn’t even know. Ukraine dating and finding the one can never be easy to navigate, no matter how wealthy you are. No amount of money can let you buy a wife.

Ukrainian women are realistic, intelligent, and independent. They know that finding the one can be difficult, especially in a country with more women than men. This is why they try international dating and look for a life partner beyond their comfort zones.

They are realistic enough when they look for a life partner. Contrary to the belief of many, money and diamonds don’t interest them anymore. Ukraine girls are now part of their labor force. They earn money, so they can provide for themselves. Basically, they don’t really need anyone anymore to support their financial needs. Ukraine ladies don’t care about the money you make because they know how to earn it. What they want in a man is someone who can complement their similarities and accept their differences.

Kiev girls are also independent because they know how to make decisions on their own. Yes, it can be common in Ukraine to see single women in their 20s or 30s who are still living under the same roof with their parents. This also explains why close family ties are very prominent in Eastern Europe. This is why it’s difficult for a Ukraine lady to leave her homeland and surrender everything she’s used to for a foreign man she loves.

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