Reasons Why Ukrainian Women Prefer Foreign Men

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Find out why Ukrainian women are drawn to foreign more than local men.

Although there is no official data or statistics pertaining to the exact number of intermarriages in Ukraine, just by taking it at face value, it’s not that hard to arrive at a conclusion that there’s a growing number of Ukrainian women who are either dating, once dated, currently married or were once married to a foreign guy. This phenomenon can be further validated by an unprecedented increase in the number of Ukrainian ladies signing up for marriage agencies and legitimate Ukrainian dating sites.

Given these facts, one might wonder why Ukrainian girls are becoming more interested in foreign men than their own local men? This question has in some cases brought up a host of negative connotations, misconceptions, and unfair stereotypes about women in Ukraine.

Due to this often unfair characterization, a lot of well-meaning bachelors like yourself have been compelled to throw their romantic fantasies of dating, and eventually marrying, a fine Ukrainian lady out the window. Thus, in order to explain the variables that led to such a dramatic change in Ukraine dating scene, here are the legitimate reasons why Ukrainian women prefer foreign men over their regional counterparts:

  1. Emotional and financial security - This rationale is arguably the most controversial and hotly debated among the other reasons in this list. This is mainly because marrying for financial security is such a touchy subject.
    But contrary to popular belief, women in Ukraine are more than capable of providing for themselves. Like any other woman, however, they also find men who can pull their own weight a lot more attractive. Sadly, those kinds of men are becoming a rarity in Ukraine, thus they turn their attention to men abroad.
    There is also an underlying notion that men from the West take care of their wives and partners a lot better when compared to Ukrainian men. So this should also be factored in.
  2. They perceive Western men to be more romantic and chivalrous - Tiled roads and centuries-old castles aren’t the only things that are old in Ukraine, but also their women’s approach to dating. Their men, however, have grown detached from the old-fashioned dating culture. Over the years they have become indifferent, cold, and nonchalant.
    Ukrainian girls, on the other hand, still long for romantic and chivalrous gestures, a quality that they rarely find in men from their locale.
  3. Patriarchal society - Ukraine is by no means a gender equal state. They have made great strides towards a more balanced society between the sexes, compared to their USSR days. But remnants of their highly patriarchal past are still pretty evident up to this day.
    Ukraine’s continued practice of traditional gender norms has created a less than ideal environment for women which tends to hinder their personal and professional growth.
  4. Desire to learn - It’s no secret that Ukrainian ladies are also known for their wit and impeccable intelligence. Some of them want to date or marry a foreigner because they feel like being with someone from a different cultural background can give them a whole new perspective of the world.
    These are very pragmatic women, which explains their tendency to combine love and romance, along with their curiosity and desire to learn.
  5. They just want to find true and genuine love - Call it cliche, but at the very core of it all, Ukrainian women are drawn to foreign men because they, just like everyone else, are also looking for the right kind of long term relationship - the kind they cannot find at home. Nothing more, nothing less.

Ukrainian women are indeed the epitome of an ideal girl. No wonder Ukraine brides are highly coveted and sought-after by men from all corners of the globe.

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