Winning Over Ukrainian Women with Psychology

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Here are some psychological tricks you can use to get Ukrainian women to like you.

One of the many questions men have come to ask these days is why does it have to be Ukrainian women?

We’ll tell you three things about these ladies; they are very loving, they have astonishing beauties, and they are great homemakers. It's in their tradition to pass on to younger generations the acts of a loving wife and mother.

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Women in Ukraine are different from what you see on television. You have to meet them in real life to have a better understanding of their perks and values. Talking to Ukraine singles on several dating sites is one way of getting to interact with them.

What makes these ladies unique is their strong sense of responsibility when it comes to raising their children, something that was implemented right from the roots of their culture, as well as from upholding traditions that have been passed down from generation to generation.

Dating a Ukrainian girl can be tricky because you are not just dating her. Expect the involvement of her family members as this is their way of assessing you and seeing if you have the right qualities to be a good relationship partner.

So how do you win over a Ukrainian woman with the help of psychology?

Here are some psychological tricks you can use to make women in Ukraine like you:

Physical Attractiveness

All women like pretty things and that’s a proven fact. So when you meet them face to face, bring your best self with you. First impressions are very important when it comes to dating, and it is usually unforgettable.

The success rate of getting a Ukrainian woman to like you depends entirely on your grooming. Good grooming is a highly valued quality no matter where you are in the world. These women like men with good hygiene, and it's a huge bonus if you smell good.

Instinctively, a woman can tell if you’ve made an effort in preparing to meet with her.

You must stand out from the crowd to catch a lady's attention. It is known as the Von Restorff Effect, or the isolation effect. You have to make her question herself, “What does he have that other men don’t?”


In order to build chemistry with her, it is very important to engage in a conversation and learn more about her. There is always an effect to this - psychologically and socially. As humans, we all have a lot of similarities.

As such, your lady would most likely want to spend her time with someone who shares the same interests as her.

Build common ground for both of you to talk and connect with each other. Do your homework before joining a singles vacation tour and put in some extra effort to grab her attention. Learn more about her by visiting her various social media pages as well.

Stalking is a different story, and you cannot know too much about her just yet. You might end up reaching the highest level of creepiness. Instead, look for the best topic that can serve as your conversation starter.


A smart move to do is to compliment her on her looks the first time you meet her. It makes her feel special and attractive, and it gives you additional points on top of how you present yourself. Be careful and avoid mentioning her size. It is considered a big turn-off for most women, and it can also lead to a lot of awkwardness.

Sexual flattery will get you nowhere, so don’t give her any idea that you are the kind of guy who only wants to use her for her body - another total deal breaker. On the other hand, compliments accompanied by undivided attention can be pretty convincing.

The point of the getting-to-know-each-other stage is to direct your focus to her. No woman wants to be with a man who’s with her, but would rather be somewhere else. Making someone feel valued and important is one of the keys to a successful relationship, so value every second you spend with her, even if you just met, and things should work out pretty well for you.

Contact and Cooperation

Going into long term relationships can also mean deepening your familiarity with one another. Get yourself involved in her life. According to Cialdini, we are more comfortable with things that are more familiar to us, so the more you stay in contact with her, the more she is likely to have an attraction towards you.

Let her see you every day. As a result, this can become a common occurrence for her. It is best if you provide her with comfort and let her open up to you in her own time and way. Encourage yourself to do the things she likes or invite her to do things you like with you.

Cooperation can sometimes help enhance your level of attractiveness and in wooing the woman you're trying to win over.

Conditioning and Association

Have you ever wondered why we get hungry when we see families eating food in commercials? We then go to grab a bite to eat, and during the process, we get that nostalgic feeling of being around our loved ones.

You may not be aware of this, but subconsciously, our minds are playing tricks on us, associating the food we eat with our loved ones.

Keep this in mind when you are on a date with a Ukrainian woman. It is better to associate her with positivity and feelings of grandeur. Help her create unforgettable and wonderful memories, and give her something to ponder on when you both go your separate ways.

That’s why psychologists suggest that when you take your woman out on a movie date, pick a horror film. It's that exhilarating feeling during the movie that will be buried in her subconsciousness that whenever she thinks of something scary, she will come to associate the feeling with those memories she has with you.

Even in amusement parks and carnivals, give her a cute stuffed animal or go on park rides together to give her a rush of adrenaline and excitement. These are the examples of fun things to do in order to make her fall for you.

These can also be the beginning of a strong foundation for your relationship as you reminisce about happy memories that you both created together.

When you go out to meet and date Ukrainian women, try your luck by keeping any of the aforementioned psychological tricks in mind. Some might work better than others, and some might not work at all. That's why you should do your research, have patience and confidence, and simply make it happen.

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