Dating Advice | How to Find “Me Time” in a Healthy Relationship

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Here’s an important dating advice to keep in mind: Don’t forget yourself when committing to a relationship.

One of the markers of a healthy relationship is if both parties involved are able to grow on their own as the relationship moves forward. Along with love, honesty, and dedication, mutual respect and space for individual growth are also of paramount importance for romantic relationships to flourish. It must be the kind of partnership that allows you to be the best version of yourself rather than let you go to rack and ruin.

Now that’s basic. But when you are only learning this now or on the move to look for ways to find the balance, it’s not too late! Let this dating advice be your guide to finding the “me” in “we.”

Important note: You owe this to yourself.

  1. Take some time apart.
    This will sound weird, but having time away from each other will help you to be honest with yourself. Grab the unique opportunity to look inside yourself without anybody else’s judgment or input.
    You can use this time to list down all the things that need your attention, like planning for the big things in your life or addressing issues that were put on the back burner for a time.
  2. Do what you want to do.
    Being committed to another person does not mean that you cannot prioritize your needs. To be able to expand yourself and continue learning is not a selfish trait — in contrast, it is a sign that you are sure with who you are and what you want. It is always reassuring when the person you depend on can stand for themselves.
    Tackle a hobby or finish that course you have always been interested in. If your partner truly understands you as they claim they do, then this should not be a breaking point in your love life.
  3. Meet with friends.
    You must not lose your sense of self when in a relationship. Make time for other rewarding connections just as your partner is allowed to meet their own group of friends.
    Being with other people outside of your relationship gives you a unique worldview, and you must take advantage of this. Also, being with people who share your passions and beliefs is a safe space to be in.
  4. Date yourself.
    This is the most common form of “me time” nowadays. As much as you put effort into treating your significant other, you should also take yourself out on a long-overdue date. You are an important factor in the love equation so you should feel good about yourself before you look for appreciation and joy from someone else.
    Any good and real dating advice should emphasize the value of falling for yourself first — love yourself, embrace yourself and go on a first date with yourself.
  5. Follow-up with medical care.
    This part is one of the most commonly forgotten parts of self-care. It is a given that one should take care of their body as often as they check up on their relationship.
    Take time to make sure that you are physically and psychologically sound. How then will you enjoy a long time together with your partner when your body is at its limit?

After reading all that, try to reflect if you are giving enough time for yourself. Remember that before you can be able to give genuine love to your partner, you must be able to genuinely love yourself first. Only when you are confident and comfortable with yourself that you’d be able to experience the best love.

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