Stay-at-Home Date Night Ideas That’s More Than Netflix & Chill

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Introduce new traditions to your typical date night with these activities!

Is love a choice or a feeling? There’s a long-standing debate on that, and whichever side you are taking, one thing’s for sure, when it comes to romantic relationships — a love stays warm and worth it when there’s effort. And there could be a hundred ways you can show this, even to the grandest of them all.

For now, let’s go closer to where you are: at home with the love of your life. Things are fine with you and her but you know that there could be more to a date night Netflix & chill. Why not try the list below and, rest assured, you can look forward to a fun, new and exciting date night.

  • Make dessert at home
    This could be the time to finally try that recipe you saw online or follow the tutorials you saved from YouTube. Block off the night from any other chore so you will not feel hurried and, therefore, stressed.
    Not only is this activity a good way to save money from ordering take-outs, but you can also be sure that the ingredients and flavors are to your liking. Sweets for your sweet isn’t too bad for a date night idea, is it?
  • Café at home
    When it’s a night that calls for chilling and cuddles, complete it with a surprise cafe at home! Sip on a cup of coffee, or any drink of your preference, bring out the books and magazines, and set the music on low — you are now at your own private cafe.
    Enjoy the moment of being quiet together, or quiz each other on some of the interesting tidbits you find. You can even dance when the mood hits, because, who’s stopping you?
  • Battle it out on the board
    Break out the chessboard, the Monopoly board or even the playing cards to see who truly owns the game. You can enjoy your date without the mess and the bills. Assign fun consequences to the loser that would ultimately serve the winning party.
    A little friendly competition never hurts anyone, and can even help you keep the sparks flying.
  • Fill the bucket list
    Sit down and draw your dreams together on a list. You are never too late to go on an adventure, or too early in a relationship to plan for some. Anyway, the night is long and full of possibilities, and there are many things you, as a couple, can try.
    You can also keep everything a bit more realistic and commit to doing a microadventure for a time. Remember that the goal is to weave your aspirations together and grow as a couple, so don’t be afraid to be candid.
  • Search for spooky adventures
    Spice up your date night by welcoming the spooks and screams through horror channel surfing or late blogging. Dim the lights, lay by the blankets and keep your senses heightened. You can even share each other’s weird and spooky paranormal experiences for a more personal touch to the night.
    Even if you can’t sleep because of the scare, at least you have each other to cling on to, right? Now that’s the best love for you.

From now on, there’s no excuse for you to always opt for a simple date night at. Make the effort to top your date night 2018 routine and treat your girl to the best, fun home dates possible.

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